Evoking Demons & Angels


If such is posible, which i think it is, to evoke both…
How is it that those who have worked with both balance it ?


Oh for the love of… Sunas seriously, as messed up as your relationship with spirits might be you must know that it is possible to do this if you have interacted with them. I’m going to be calling your freind tonight and I’m sure she’ll have lots of interesting things to say about you.

But yes, I am a person who tries to balance both out, for me at least this is the true path, it has been said humans are miniature universes and both angelic and demonic are nessecery for the universe to function properly. I remember back when I went on my trip to guatamala, the other folks on that trip were all on the white magic side and initially they were a put bit off when I told them I was freinds with a demon, a grey alien and a reptilian (if you don’t know these two alien types have rather bad reputations in the ufo community, part of the reason I sought them out as when people tell me not to do something it makes it more tempting, though I’m also freinds with some freindlier beings like an angel and kind serpent god). But I explained to them that the dark and the grey are both just as nessecery for things to work as the white hat entities and whats nice is they actually understood where I was coming from. Alot of people who are only in the light or the dark will put blinders on thinking the other side is not worthy, but it is. and denying it means to deny yourself something good.


Thank you for the reply…
Dark or White…
I always had a feeling that whoever goes through the path of following both sides would end bad…its just a feeling though,maybe im completely wrong.


The universe itself told me very clearly that is the best path for me at least. I think it knows what it is talking about.


[quote=“sunas, post:3, topic:1296”]Thank you for the reply…
Dark or White…
I always had a feeling that whoever goes through the path of following both sides would end bad…its just a feeling though,maybe im completely wrong.[/quote]

One should strive to go beyond to dualities of black and white. This is I think the ultimate path.


One other thing to keep in mind is it really comes down to functionality. You use a hammer to hammer a nail and a screw driver to screw a screw. The ideal magical path works the same way.


So if i serve two entities, one from each…i would be more or less balancing things…if i work with only those two entities…
wrong ?


As long as you are relying on external forces you will never find true balance


[quote=“sunas, post:7, topic:1296”]So if i serve two entities, one from each…i would be more or less balancing things…if i work with only those two entities…
wrong ?[/quote]

Your still not getting it, you don’t have to serve either. As long as you have this “need” to be subservient you’ll never progress. The balance you need has to come from you, all these entities can do is help show you how to do that. Learn to take responsibility for yourself and quit being reliant on anything and everything to run your life for you.

Until you can grasp that magick is not for you.


Guys I would start start ignoring now if I were you. Just my two cents.


I got it all along…that balance… i have it within me, even having this need for subserviance…actually this need and the fulfillment of it is what brings me complete balance.


Have you thought about selling yourself into slavery? I knew a guy in new Orleans that basically sign a contract with the gay vampire voodoo priest(I can’t make this shit up) that I was living with saying he was this guys slave for protection, a cellphone, free room and board, as well as the occasional present…


I am slave to humans already why would i want it even more ? :stuck_out_tongue:
Still, i was able to find Much Better conditions then what you just said O_o


Eh, suite yourself…
my apologies if this is offputting but are you a childhood rape victim? it would explain a lot


No actually i am not. The only " times " i was " raped " i consented it…so it wasn’t really…rape.


I expected as much… most of the victims I have met tend to have a hyper-aggressive streak… with the exception of one or two individuals… so what is it? what, in your opinion made you the way you are?


But if you really want to know, my childhood consisted of everything glass braking around me and turning into dust as fine as baking powder. Or doors opening and closing for no reasons, or seeing ghosts where no one else would see, or having dreams that would make any children cry for months ( i would only cry for days when i got used to it ). Basically what i am trying to say is that i wasn’t raped, there were in fact some bad stuff in my childhood coming from humans " Drugs " related…but that’s about it…a bad childhood like you could imagine someone coming out from the 8 mile movie would have…We poors are like that…
But the thing that made be submissive hasn’t got nothing to do with my childhood as i only learned that i am submissive when i passed my adolescence. What made me who i am ?
Since a certain moment in adolescence…actually since i met a website…and someone on that website.
If that didn’t happen i wouldn’t be who i am today.
I am where i am cause of that website…
If i was to be raped as a child i would probably not enjoy it at all and i was most certainly traumatized about it…but right now, being raped is like living a really nice fantasy.


Eh so you had night terrors as a kid? I never cried because of them… but I did have one bad enough to make me scream my fucking lungs off around 1 or 2… but I suspect that was a demon or astral parasite( as I didn’t stop until my parents stared reading bible passages)…
of course your childhood made you who you are. even if you did choose this lifestyle what do you think influenced you to be drawn to it? being a slave gives you a sense of security, significance, and the illusion of safety(you can’t break what’s already broken)…
btw did you seriously say poors? That’s about on the same level as peasants or pleibians…
but if you feel being a slave makes you complete go for it, but don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s going to make you any closer to godhood


I never wished nor i wish any GodHood.


Ok maybe I wasn’t clear enough and fell into the trap of using buzzwords… My apologies… perhaps it would be better to substitute godhood with the phrase “significant human being”