Evoking dead family members

I have been using the search but am probably not using the right words.
I am wondering if there are any safe, reliable respectable rituals for communicating or evoking dead family members.
I was told today was the 6th ann. of my oldest sisters demise, we were estranged , but she was wanting to re-establish commo but even though I had made overtures, there were people who made sure the commo never made it through, so hearing of her death was kinda a drag as she was the only person who would apologze with me and repair damage when her ‘not so nice side’ went on alocoholic attach; (like my mom)
I know she was a stoner- we had massive great trippin times, so I am going to get some marijuana incense. but does anyone else have any good rituals they have used for good success?


Yes. Its a form of Tulpa creation. What you do is caste a circle of anglo-saxon runes. Hoj dont have to know too much to be a Rune expert. The Runes are Intelligent energy…spirits. For those who say tbeir nust primordial energy are full of shit. I will not explain this aspect until a certain point which will be awhike for certain reasons.

So what you do is do the Rune Circle…no need to draw a line. Draw a hexagram the universal symbol to give birth and pair energies togethor. Then reach out and feel the runes with your mind/will/spirit… Intend the Runes as Earth energy ley lines to suck up all types of energy in relation to the deceased. This is similar to the Tulpa building method… You basically have to have a clear profile in your mind of who you are contacting. Form the Spirit as a reconstruction of a Memory (in the Land of the Dead is where Memories Dwell) and to remain there for as long as you wish. Keep doing this to. Uild energy. Multiple divinations and consistency with a focus on a “spirit profile” will help it manifest more i to this world. This is not just some figment of the imagination. You are contacting a Soul Memory and giving it an energetic body to express itself in. The thing is you have to exert yojr will to mold its mode of expression… Not what it says word for aord… But more like set the route for its train of thinking.

You don’t need a circle or anything like that. People tend to over complicate necromancy for some reason, but it’s really no different than evoking any other spirit. Get pictures of the person you are trying to reach, if you have any objects they owned then all the better. Even better still is if you can get ahold of, or already have, the usual things like hair. In this case grave dirt from her grave would be a really good link.

Do what you would do for any other evocation ritual, get into your trance state, look at her pictures, burn the marijuana incense you mentioned (as the smell will bring up memories for you), focus on the memory you have of her, the feelings you had when she was around, feel the links to her that you have in your hands, call out to her and ask her to come to you. It’s not difficult to get a spirit to come to you, the more difficult part is the actual communication. I personally thinks scrying is the easiest method. Considering the forum we’re on, I’ll also mention the Evoking Eternity has material in there for learning to communicate with spirits. Hope this helps.

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If I recall correctly, Lady Eva mentioned working with Bune(?) to get in touch with a deceased parent. Maybe she’ll chime in with some advice. Lady E?

Yes, she’s helped me with contacting my parent and other ancestors, we’re only just beginning - basically I travel to her and this is expanding into finding me another relative who died recently who was a mage, it’s still unfolding and pretty cool!

I posted some detailed stuff here, here, and especially here.

My parent has given me predictions I didn’t find credible at the time which came true, and there’s been other stuff, I’ll try and post about it when I have something cohesive to share.

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