Evoking Dantilon or other demons

Hello! So I was going over evoking entities throughout the forum and I feel like Dantilon is a great choice. What do you guys think? So my ex and I broke up on December 6 because he didn’t want my mental health in his future. There’s not hate between us, we somewhat talked since then, and we still have each other on social media. Who should I call upon? What are your experiences when evoking these demons?

Dantalion and Vine both are extremely good to work with for relationship issues. As well as self help and healing. I found dantalion likea to be romanced and there is a thread here by @Sha that goes into great detail on him specifically. That would be an excellent place to start I believe.

Have you called them for any of your issues? If so what & what was your experience like?

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I call on both frequently. they are also my guides. They have helped me immensly with my own marriage and self improvement. O i can say first hand that they work. I formed a very personal relationship with them and ivite them into my daily life.

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It is my knowledge by the Qliphotic realites that I’ve been forced to witness and experience (thank you, Asmodeus), that even if the female of the relationship has unbearable mental health problems, the male of the relationship will most likely still want to keep a certain degree of contact with her, which could be accompanyng her to the hospital, visiting her in the mental hospital, taking her to a day of fun outside whenever the hospital allows it, talking to her through social media and even if the relationship is eventually over, they would more likely keep meeting each other to have casual sex. So, among all the cases of people wanting their ex back, yours is the one I’ve seen that has the more possibilities to end up as a success


What’s your ritual like?

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Dantalion worked a miracle for me today. I would strongly recommend him.

How do you call upon him?

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I start out with cleansing myself, home and temple. Then I put on some mood music, set up my alter, light some candles and then i cast a circle. I treated dantalion very formally the first time I evoke him. I set out a glass of moon water(or water you bless) and added some honey to it. Drew his sigil and gazed while chanting his enn. Then when i felt ready I invited him in and started conversing with him. I told him what I was working on and what I needed help with and asked him if he would help.

I invoke them now. Easier and more intimate.