Evoking Dantalion

I would like to know if someone here had evoked Dantalion and your experience working with him. I also would want to know everything that matter about him.

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Have you tried using the search function in the upper right? There are many threads about people’s experiences working with Dantalion.

As for the second part of your question, again, a search would have brought up this:


Thanks, going to use more the search.

It was on of the best experiences I’ve had so far with Demons , I can’t hear or see spirits yet but he arrived pretty quick and energy was extremely warm and comforting , tears started rolling down !

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why did you evoke him? It was because of his thepathy ability?

I keep things very simple I drew his sigil , lite a red candle , listened to the enn from youtube . Within minutes the candle flame went higher than the size of the candle and i got dizzy and felt a high which usually is an indicator for me that the spirit it there. Had my request in a sentence which i stated 3 times. I usually have an offering when I call spirits (tea or a piece of chocolate) to welcome them just as i do with my human guests. Looked at the sigil visualising and feeling the end result, then thanked and gave licence to depart!


Does it matter if you focus on the sigil or a candle? Or does it have to be one over another?

Doesn’t matter , you can keep eyes closed if u want

If I may ask what did you ask the spirit to do for you? And did your request came to fruition?
Thank you