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Hello all, I have a few questions please…

After immense study, I had decided 2 weeks ago to start practicing evocation again. I am learning from every ritual and realize this takes patience and dedication.

My question is this. So far in the past 2 weeks I have evoked 5 Demons. I am now at a rate of evoking everyday. However, each evocation I am invoking a different Demon as to greet and speak with them. I evoked Lucifer, then Belial next day etc. Is it ok to do it like this? I feel unsure as to what Demon I should devote more evocations too.

I am not getting full manifestation but I have had a range of experiences from blacking out, temp changes, getting electrified feeling of energy from the Demons, having them come inside me and having dreams where I’m doing magick.

Another thing is, I have a naturally kind disposition, as I am an EMT on a Rescue Squad. I feel however it is a weakness. I am wondering at this point what the Demons think of it? *** I literally tell them I love them and describe all the traits that make them admirable in my eyes and sometimes I feel there love but I am unsure if this is a good trait to have in working with them. Now despite living a hardcore life coast to coast and being a pro level rock climber, ex bull rider, cave rappeller etc. I am socially inverted. I am not agressive unless someone touches me, then my martial skills naturally flow like a beast. I am a true adventurer/explorer and can and do put my life on the line for fun(it’s like instant zen, you become ultra alert), but around people I can be a bit to “sweet” or “caring”. It actually makes me angry and I keep trying to get the Demons to come inside to fill me with more agressive energy. Also I feel like I’m being asked to choose between the love of power or the power of love but I choose power and with that the power to also make love.

My sole focus is Evocation to learn. I have not performed any spells for things as I feel it is important to make a connection first before asking an entity to do something for you. Even if you do think they live to do what they do, I still like to treat them as a new friend whom I can learn from.

If someone is able to maybe speak to the Demons for me and see what’s up, that would be great. Again I am practicing and understand all that needs to be done. I have gotten great results, but aside from being able to see them clearly in my 3rd eye, I still find myself lacking as I want to speak to them face to face in the incense(which I am learning to do, rapture plus t/g). Also, despite all the evocations, last night while evoking Belial, I was full of terror, truly scared so I slacked on the chants and focus. I don’t ever get scared of anything so this was odd but I feel a connection to him.

I’ve always been a genuine, natural rebel and literally followed my heart thousands of miles across country atleast 10 times to live out crazy dreams. I always put it all on the line to live my way, outside of societies ideas. This lead to trouble when I was younger but oddly the things I should have went to prison for I ALWAYS got away with(most friends went to prison or died but I was always protected, just as I am with extreme sports) I dont cause trouble anymore and am now an EMT. I also was lead into experiences on my journeys that brought about experiences which make movies like Fear and Loathing look tame lol I also have a closet full of books covering nearly every pantheon of spiritual practice but I learned over the years that experience is where true living wisdom is. So I can talk in depth on many subjects, yet I am humble enough to know where I need to grow.


I don’t do much "evocation"
For me, it’s more “Hey, dude! What do you think about this?” they drop by and (sometimes) answer… or distract me with something else…
There’s always at least one (I don’t know if he’s a demon, angel, or just a spirit) hanging around and often times I’ll see 5-15 different entities in one day…

The only negative effects that I’ve found is constant fatigue and very little human interaction.

I’ve only found a couple that aren’t happy to be treated as equals.
A person is a person.
They will test you from time to time, so don’t let them run you over, but being friends with them is fine.

Thank you for reading this and for replying Candy.

I evoke because I am still learning to connect with them and build energy but I think it’s awesome you just naturally speak with them!

I totally agree on the human interaction and fatigue, I have become reclusive and keep it a very tight secret what I do. I struggled with creating profile on here because I like to be low key yet realize it’s good to get help. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed but I am good at keeping myself in balance.

I honor them, there character and power. Similiar to how I always lived, on my terms, spiritually and physically.

OK so here’s my opinion.Take it or leave it.

From what you say you’re a very daring person in life and enjoy excitement.
This is somewhat a good trait in majick but if you’re evoking multiple entities everyday whether you’re giving them a task or not you’re allowing their energy to roam free in your life with no goal or purpose.

Take it from someone who’s had experience with this and learned his lesson.
This is NOT a good thing.
Energies.of spirits.can.conflict and.with a.specifified goal to perform they’ll do whatever they want which could conflict with what any of the other entities are trying to do.

Look deep into yourself and decide on a goal you want to achieve.
Oh.and.first of all,if you have these spirits sigils laying around,burn them and thank the spirit for coming.

Now,decide on a goal and.find a.spirit that can help you meet that goal.

Don’t.straight out evoke it.
Spend a few days researching the spirit
Open it’s sigil just to get use to the energy it brings.
Form a connection with it and maybe even put together a devotional altar to the spirit.

THEN…begin.evoking it.By going.through this process the spirit will already know what you want from it.
It will know you better as will you be in tune with it’s energies.

Then.simply work with the spirit until your goal(s) are achieved.

Good luck and keep us posted!


Satori Diavolo,

That’s what Musta wrote are basics and some truths, which you will not find in Grimoiries. Also, what is very important, not to discourage you, demons also have their liking. I mean, there are spirits, which will bring you almost nothing, and others, which will bring you in the same exact situation very fruitful results. But for the other person non of them may work, and they have to seek further. You just need to set-up a goal and a timing.
They are like people, the can like you more or less :wink:

And, before each evocation, think why you are evoking them. For wisdom, for tasks? you have to have goals set-up, not just to ask “hey great and mighty duke XX, what’s up in your life?” lolz :wink:

Sound advice Musta and Dellamage, I take it to heart and will put it into practice.

Thank you both for replying.

I totally agree and appreciate your wisdom! Time to burn some sigils and give thanks! :slight_smile: So far I have been asking each of them to teach me a different skill. Such as skrying, speaking clearly with spirits, raising energy, learning evocation and becoming more dominant. However I feel you are right and I should focus solely on one desire, one spirit until I master each ability. I agree the energy should also be from one Demon so I can learn exactly his/her energy signature and guidance. I was doing a combination of meeting the demons and asking to learn each ability but from the different demons. I can say I have been learning alot from them, like the exact books and ideas to accomplish these skills pop into my head. I will definately keep you posted!

LMFAO - “hey great duke XX, how’s it going?” LOL
Thank you for your wisdom and for the laugh. I in general have lived my live in accordance with the ways the Demons have, meaning on my own terms no matter what. This and other qualities made me think they will all want to be my best bud and I find in my head sometimes I act like were all old pals lol However, everyone and everything is unique so it makes sense that they will synergise with specific people. Knowing this, what do you recommend for choosing the right Demon to spend more time connecting with? I don"t want to waste there time nor mine, so for example I don’t want to evoke Belial for a week if he doesn’t want to be my Mentor/Buddy. Basically how can I know whom to choose? I honestly feel like they all will automatically think I’m cool for being an adventurer and truly wild/free spirit lol

So I will…

  1. Burn Sigils and Thank
  2. Pick specific desire/skill and specific Demon to learn from
  3. Open sigil, set intent, then evoke
  4. Work with that Demon for a week
  • I love evocation so I will be continuing to do it each day but will utilize the wisdom you shared.

THANKS! :slight_smile:

Guess I’m just lucky, I’ve only come across one that got me in trouble (banished the SOB) and a few that just don’t get along with each other for too long…
As long as they can stay at opposite ends of the room, they’re fine, any closer and they act like siblings, one will mess with the other until a fight breaks out and they try to kill each other. Keep them in the same room more than 15-20 minutes and they’ll find a reason to try to kill each other.

That’s actually set off a few anxiety attacks, now I think about it.

But they’ve never actually tried to harm me and I’ve pretty much figured out how to arrange meetings to prevent that… or instigate it if I’m just in the mood to watch a good fight lol

Unless they come to me on their own (usually just to check in and never in bad combos), I always meet up with them at a designated location on the astral plane.

If you’re calling up someone new, I definitely suggest, if nothing else, treating them as you would any new person. Be polite and respectful until you’re able to get a good feel for their personality.

Any time I ask, they tell me that they ‘just like me’ and they appreciate being treated as people.

They always give me names I can remember easily, but if I come across their real names, they’ll confirm it.
The few I know the real names of that have told me that are Ishtar, Belial, Balam, Purson, Vine, Andromalius, Marbas, Valefor, Sitri (the one I had to banish… morbid bastard), Kru’vest, Glas’yos, Fro’ghla’tasch, and Mak’ta’lahn

and please forgive me if any of their names are misspelled… my spelling sucks

I dont banish but I will do as you recommend and focus on one at a time. Makes perfect sense actually. I evoked Lucifer the night before, then next night I went to evoke Belial and got bad anxiety where I had to meditate a long time but it didn’t go away. I have been evoking with the same circle in my bedroom.

I always treat them with the utmost respect and reverence. Thats how I start each evocation, stating there traits that I like, what I want to learn and that I come with great respect and appreciation. I guess I just want to believe they will all work with me, which it feels they will, but I can see how the energies are conflicting. I’m going to burn all my sigils and give thanks.

There have been a few that came to me on there own.
Years ago Sek’met came to me and took me to a desert and showed me that I can take the desert dust and make souls and cities out of it. Then a month later she came back when I was on shrooms with my friend Sarah and raped my soul! I literally stripped in front of Sarah and allowed the Goddess whose face changed like 60 times to swirl around and through me! Then 2 days ago I got these visions of a lion and owls, then a Goddess appeared and was all lovey dovey with me, saying I am hers. Also, I was walking blindfolded through a forest 2 months ago and I heard a noise, looked up and there was a grey owl staring at me in the middle of the day! After, I did research and found that it had to be Ishtar. However I am confused because I don’t know why there are 2 Goddess’ coming to me.

Then 3 days ago a Native came to me and said his name(secret) and told me he looks out for me and that in the past we were friends and we were once in different forms but that our power is the same, just being channeled through a different form(my new body, mind). He told me his name and I researched and found it was Peruvian Native word for past!

I have had other experiences but I’ll share more in future.

I really admire that your so open to them and always respectful. You have a great natural connection with spirits. I have worked with a few of the ones you named.

Thank you for sharing your story and wisdom :slight_smile:

I’ve done something like that myself, whether that makes it okay is down to the individual but it’s survivable, and do-able, if that’s what you’re asking. :slight_smile:

Musta has good advice on not stacking too many forces on at once, but if your purpose is to meet them and make introductions, see which beings you click with, then it is possible.

Another thing is, I have a naturally kind disposition, as I am an EMT on a Rescue Squad. I feel however it is a weakness. I am wondering at this point what the Demons think of it? ***
I'm quite "kind" I guess you'd call it, at least to some categories of people and to all animals, and I think so long as you have integrity that matters more than people who pretend to be some "screw the world" bad guy like they saw in a comic book, but who will burn out further down the line because their own actions have sickened them.

IMO knowing precisely what your values are and keeping your conscience clean are of paramount importance to magicians, because if you can’t trust yourself, the “god of your own creation” then who can you trust or rely upon?

I’ve done “moral inventories” before now to make sure everything in my life is in alignment, because to be at war with oneself on any level can be very disempowering, maybe even dangerous.

So IMO be yourself, they’ll see straight through you anyway so there’s no point trying to put forward an under-developed side of your nature (because we do all have an angry, selfish, spiteful side) - embrace every aspect of your true nature, and if that’s kindness, then that’s your personal gift in this life.

I believe love is the strongest force in the universe, it’s just the love of WHAT that gets muddled and mis-handled by religions: I posted my current understanding about this topic in this post where I specifically had talked to demons about love, and they told me some things I hadn’t been expecting.

The short version is, demons totally understand love, and there’s no contradiction there!

Keep on being yourself and (so long as you’re not being a doormat against your will because you’re not assertive enough to speak out - which is a skill that can be learned) keep loving what you do, because that passion is your powerhouse.

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Listen to the Lady Eva. The knowledge she gives so freely is priceless!

The only thing that matters when dealing with demons, or any spirit for that matter, is to be consistent within yourself. If you are naturally kind, as the Lady said above, that is who you are, and a demon will not consider it a weakness if you don’t. They respect who and what you are. They may have their own ideas on how to make you “better” but its always your choice whether to follow the advice they offer.

WOW! Thanks everyone! This is really cool and I am glad I reached out. I feel understood here.

I just took cleansing bath with tachyonized sea salt, tachyon cube and meditated energy into the water to cleanse. Then after I collected ALL my sigils and one by one respectfully burned them in the tub and cleaned the ashes. I feel great!

I will heed ALL your advice!

Belial doesn’t seem too fond of Lucifer (who I’ve yet to meet)
Give him another shot.
Once you get to know Belial, he’s a big teddy bear. Absolute sweetheart that just loves the thrill of battle.

Ani I have to ask.
How long have you been practicing majick?
Belial and Lucifer not getting along?
You do know that according to the supposed hierarchy that Belial is a king under the Emperor Lucifer right?
Please elaborate.

Spirits fighting for your entertainment?


Awesome questions, most of them already covered by others here, but I wanted to chime in since some of what you have asked relates to my own experiences.

When evoking demons (or any spirit, really), the goal is to temporarily gain omnipotence, hence the ability to draw a non-tangiable being into our reality. There’s nothing “weak” about that at all, and the spirits are aware of what we are capable of. Any spirit accusing you of being weak is most likely either a. testing you or b. referring to a specific area in your life that could do with changing. Whether you as a being are weak is not a question to the spirit world, though. They have eyes that see much clearer than us, and they know our origins.

Keep in mind that there are many spirits who are benevolent, even demons. Orobas is traditionally known as a friend to magicians, and don’t forget the healers such as Buer, Marbas, Verrine, and Hent’yos. Believe it or not, many death demons have an incredibly compassionate side as well. Eurynomous was my rock through some very hard times.

As for loving them, depends on who you talk to. Demonolaters, traditional Satanists, and even some hermetics talk of love between demons and the magician, others think the idea is dangerous and ludicrous. Personally there are demons I hold in very high affection, that could be considered love. Just be vigilant your love does not morph into worship or obsession, or you will stagnate for as long as those feelings last.

Welcome to the forum, btw!

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Musta_Krackish: I’ve been practicing for just under a year, but I’ve been hanging out with all kinds of entities for as long as I can remember.
I thought they were just imaginary friends until I started doing research and practicing.

No, I don’t know anything of the hierarchy.
I just know that Belial seemed pretty miffed when I asked him and said he didn’t want to talk about it.

I don’t really know how to explain it…
I’m not sure if it is the astral that I hang out with them in, but the places I go to to hang out with them… It’s… I’ve come across these places being called ‘mind spaces’ -worlds created inside one’s mind- that’s really the closest description I’ve found to it… I’m assuming it’s the astral or something similar.
We call it Tyria. If you ask them, they may let you see it… Beautiful place.
(And yes, I’ve been accused of lacking ‘originality’ because that’s also the name of the world from the game Guild Wars 2, but we’ve been calling it that for 15+ years and they’ve always showed themselves to me as anime and game characters, because that’s just what I most identify with)
I’m working on making a graphic novel that will show this world and how I’ve always interacted with it.
Just imagine walking into your favorite movie/anime/video game and interacting with the characters there… but there’s characters from every media you’ve ever come across -and some you haven’t yet- and just hanging out with them in their worlds.

It sounds weird and childish and absolutely retarded, but that’s just how it’s always been for me.

The vast majority of them are not found in any texts - they’d be considered too small and insignificant to most humans- not worth the time. But they’re my friends and I love them.
A few examples of the ones I have found the names of and what character/persona they show themselves to me as:
Ishtar Sora from Escaflowne
Valefor La Volpe -Assassin’s Creed
Andromalius Niccolo Machiavelli -Assassin’s creed
Belial this or Bartolomeo d’Alviano - Assassin’s creed
Sitri Alucard (he liked to be called Vlad) -Hellsing
Marbas Jet Black -Cowboy Bebop

There’s more (obviously), but my head is killing me
The ones I hang out with most are Kou (the Bouncer), Dante & Nero, Volpe (sweetheart always takes care of me when I’m not feeling well), and Il Gatto -my familiar and guardian that I can’t find my drawing of and doesn’t like anyone to know his real name… even the other spirits/entities don’t know much about him other than him and Volpe/Valefor are very close.

How they fight and how it’s entertaining: most often it’s because of a prank war between Kou, Dante, and Nero… Sometimes others get caught in the crossfire. Think anime fights
And all spirits are restricted to anime/game-like physics within Tyria.

It sounds like possibly since you’ve been into this anime stuff and have put so much belief into this world that you might have possibly created a world thoughtform.
Now spirits appearing as anime and video game characters?

Have you ever asked these spirits to prove their identity?

I research as much as I can before even asking them
There’s small details that are just far too accurate, and sometimes I don’t even make the connection until I evoke them with the proper sigils and they show up in the forms I recognize.

Otherwise, how can they prove anything when they can make themselves appear however they want and there are so many that can manifest or effect things within the physical and see past, present, and future?

Are spirits and other entities able to lie? If so (and I don’t see why they couldn’t) how can one be sure that they’re not just feeding them bullshit and keeping their stories straight?

They’re telling me I need to trust myself more, so that’s what I’m trying to do.
If you know of any other ways they can prove themselves, please let me know. I really would like to be able to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what I’m experiencing and what they’re telling me (or what I think they’re telling me) is true.

I read somewhere Aleister Crowley said we should always doubt of information given by spirits, I think it was on Modern Magick

You can use gematry (numeric qbl associations) to check if they’re who theire supposed to be

No idea what that is
Google search is just giving me crap that makes absolutely no sense

If you’re able to evoke and travel to other worlds then receiving an astral signature from the spirit should be no problem for you.
A spirit cannot and will not give a forged signature.

I’m sorry but the whole demonic kings fighting in anime form…they have better things to do.
If you want I can read on this or asks Belial myself.

According to Michael Allan Smith,Belial,Hecate,and LUCIFER are the 3 spirits that make the Trident of Witchcraft.

They are for lack of a better word, family.

Belial not getting along with Lucifer sounds fishy to me.

Don’t let this imaginated world get to your head too much.

Not trying to dog you here.
I just don’t want you to be fed bullshit.
IMO you created a world full of your favorite fictional characters,got into the occult,and started believing these thoughtforms were the real deal.

Can you tell me who Belial and Lucifer appear as in their anime form?
It may have something to do with them not getting along.