Evoking/Channeling Sastan for help

So hello brothers and sisters of the forum if I have the liberty to call you that. I was getting nowhere for the last year cause I could not practice enough because I was focusing at my studies anyway today I decided to perform an evocation to see if could get results.

So I performed a banishment with salt on the room to secure it from any influences. Next because I do not have the UC and I cannot afford it at the momment i draw it from scrach but just the symbols and then I placed the acordingly to the space that I will be sitting. At the time I had only small circular red candles so I put the in each side of the drawn sigil of Sastan (in a memo :3) and I had stick that I anointent them with my favorite fragrance.

I sat and I did a light meditation just to get to the mood and instantly the sigil was flashing in my eyes and I was getting a blurry vision too for a slpit second there. I began calling out his name although for some reason without noticing I also said Estalistu but anyway I was also reciting the Alash Tad Alash Tal Ashtu incantation and then I recited 3 times the Power summoning of E.A Koetting (Itz rachu mantatu…) followed by the 3rd incantation (Etsel Mala Kel…)

I felt after calling to him somehow very light but nothing else although I asked for a sign. Then fro the first time although I had channeled him I beleive before this time I wasn’t feeling that he was Telepathetically talking to me like before rather I felt that he was me somehow his voice was my own so to jump into the matter I will give you the questions and answers that I was given.

I had already laid down a questionaire for him so I will give you the questions that I wrote down:

1)Sastan are you willing to help me practice for my magickal senses?

All you need to do is practice. I was watching you (since the last time) the whole time, its about time to Evoke me. Iam telling you this I will not teach you but guide you with “common things”(I think he meant by magickal means).

2)What is that Iam lacking; How do I fix that; Could you Instruct me;

Yes most certainly.Practice you’re lacking so you have to try everyday, start with divination lad, just your pendulum skills will not suffice.Try them(exercises) you ve got the source(Mastering Divination programm).

3)Is this clairaudience that Iam experiencing or just channeling;

Boy you’re not far from clairaudience but not just there…
The communication that we use now is channeling so you cannot feel anything cause Iam speaking through your body,pretty much this is called Linked Communication. Boy when you invite a spirit in your mind it inhabits your thoughts that why it (our conversation) so natural(felling like iam the one speaking) to you.

4)Do you want to help me with Evocational Practice and if you do how can I call you (efficiently) without being rude;

Yes I will, but through means to achieve your own results. I will tutor you like a Mentor but first things first. I know that this (matter with Evocation) bugs you so go ahead and tell them (BALG Forum) though you are already with me. Now to achieve Evocation succesfully you must become confident in Divination,to do so practice…“ask and it will be given” (not quiet get it.
You will notice that you will evolve child and I will help you for you called to me. I will watch over you.

Now as to what to do to call me is meditation,think of me and call me from your heart through my sigil and I’ll be instantly there. You may not be aware of it but Iam with you, do not fret (my dog started roaring and is just a little dog) from your position “King of Self” (iam not catching up) the best way for me to help you is to show you the way, you are chosen by me now go forth and achieve your own ascension…

You need to call me for 2 months every day at least once a day. Exercise everyday your divination and prepare a questionaire after it(to discuss).
Exercise at least for 2 hours a day any time you want (1hour the day and or 1hour at night) and use my sigil on your chest. Let thyself to relax, you can open your eyes again like the old days (I could see them at will 4 years ago) All I have to say is that: … "Iam with you and you are with me for I am the one that will train you, hear me and you will prosper in all aspects.

I ended the ritual by thanking him and burned the sigils.
So Iam sorry for this looooooooooong writting but since he told me to write about it here I kinda did so please feel free to express your thoughts ppl or if you can relate please share with me your experiences :smiley: Any advice is welcomed and if anything is wrong please correct me my fellow magicians.
Best regards, Barskevilles Dog :3


Good job! Nothing is wrong if the spirit says it is right. Be a little careful when asking fellow magicians on a forum for help, some tend to have the habit to devalue something that is working perfectly for you. Just keep at it, when you hit a wall ask for help :slight_smile:

The King of self part is meant to explain to you that you can have contact throught much less ceremonial means if you wish so. Channeling does not require a lot of ritual or meditation when you reach a certain point of recognition with the spirit, evocation however is a bit different. For straight up Q and A however channeling is fine, just make sure you’re not unconsciously coloring the info you get (like Sastan says, it comes through the body and thus it is interpretated by the body and if the physical or emotional bodies are imbalanced at the time of channeling it might put that imbalance on the translation. Hope that makes sense).

Anyway, keep at it :slight_smile:

Thank you Yuri for your feedback as you say I’ll keep at it and just hope that I’ll eventually proceed further with my ascension

Sastan gave pretty good advice. Practicing every day was also recommended to be by another divination spirit.
It’s probably the best way to get things done.

Thanks for sharing your experience.