Evoking certain words


How would such a thing be accomplished, by AO Spare type sigils? Sign language symbols?


I imagine it would be something like (past drawing the appropriate sigil),

“Love, I evoke thee, thou that is (dictionary noun definition), that has taken from of mother and father, husband and wife, cupid, symbol of the red heart! I evoke thee…”

Close or no?

Possibly what you would end up targeting is a mix of the force of what you perceive that word to represent and the force the consenual reality matrix as a whole perceives it to be.

With a good idea of what your aiming for you could go aiming for the archetypal energy itself along the current of love-hate, wealth-poverty, truth-lie ect.

Including symbols you ascribe to that word would narrow or expand the range of vibration.

As an example in the case of love Depending on the symbols you use and how you do it would could focus on the energetic aspect of love related to the sephiroth and qliphoth or the force of love tied up in the planets or elements.

If you wanted to aim for the archetypal energy along the polarity strand of love-hate it may be a good idea to include of bit from the whole spectrum so you tap into the full symbolic range of what that energy encompasses. As you dig into the concept of it you connect more to it’s energies just as when you research any other force or entity to work with.

Then once it is evoked give it direction and send it out it to your world.


I’ve actually evoked truth before. Helped bring a snake out of the grass


Yeah I had a similar idea, I made one for happiness. Never really used though :stuck_out_tongue:

You could make sigils from words using spares method. Evoke them using these custom sigils and see what comes forward :wink:


If you are going the AO Spare route, for a single word you may be better off with a symbol you strongly associate with the word, as opposed to a sigil for the word.

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Get into trance, call out “I call upon the fundamental aspect of -whatever- to appear to me be known”, then be receptive to the response.