Evoking Azazel - my journal

Hey guys, I recently finished reading the BoA and I was very intrigued to evoke Azazel. I will keep you guys posted about my experience. But I have questions, do I really need black candles for the evocation?

No… you don’t need shit for evocation… but I would suggest using them anyway…
my advice get the supplies when you can but don’t wait for supplies to make the magic happen.

True. If you wait for everything to be perfect, it will never happen. You can make contact anywhere, with anything or nothing. The intention is what matters. Call out to Azazel (or any other spirit) and they WILL answer.

The more supplies I have the harder it is. I’m very new but when using minimal implements it seems my brain wonders less, you know are the candles right do I have this that am I forgetting something god it’s a fucking task. I would think the most important would be the circle, triangle, and sensor/copal and most important of all the one thing not physical theta gamma sync, I see ea doing evocation with nothing sometimes.