Evoking anyone?

I have read somewhere over here that you could evoke any person. What I stumble on is if the person you are evoking has the same name as someone else. How would you know how to call to the desired person?

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You can’t evoke the actual person, but only your perception of the person.

You can evoke a person, you will just not have to effect the person as they are particularly realized in this reality. The essence of the person is everywhere, just like a “spiritual” entity, so you can get as much accurate info, if not more< from that evoked version as you would from the “physical” version. It’s hard to explain, since we are dealing with language and mind frames that really can’t comprehend that level of interaction until it is done, but it is perfectly possible, and that evoked version should be treated with equal respect and integrity as real as the version that would normally be accepted as real. Otherwise, you are liable to not receive what you came for, and it would just be a musturbation.

Hmmmm. I would have thought that the universe would know exactly THE ‘John Smith’ you have in mind at time of evocation…and so THAT ‘John Smith’ would materialise.

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I was thinking that Acid, but that is a great explanation. Thank you the1gza. I had always thought of going with Nikola Tesla because of his many amazing inventions that we didn’t get to see for instance the one that creates earthquakes or the free energy. That guy was ahead of his time. I think he even created wireless energy.

Again. It’s not possible to evoke the actual person. I did this experiment more than once, with deeper info on that person than you’d guess. It’s not possible.

Well, I intend to make it possible!


Considering the fact that you can evoke someone from a game or a movie and carry on a conversation and potentially learn something from them, is it really so unreasonable to think that we can evoke a REAL living, breathing person? Also, if in Necromancy you can evoke the dead why shouldn’t you be able to evoke the living? In the Mastering Evocation course EA has a whole section on evoking people and he encourages you to evoke him, I’m pretty sure it’s possible. I have not yet tried evoking a person but I think that it could be cool to try in the next week or 2.


Well if anyone tries to evoke me I will refuse to appear with pants on, I don’t care how many constraints you use.

Though it should be possible, after all am I not just a thoughtform? Are we not all just thoughtforms of the universe experienceing itself, earning to break away and become real?

Maybe, maybe not.

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No matter how much you try, you can’t. I know this from spirits.

So you compare the useless evocation of a game or movie character to the evocation of a real person? Do you think before you post?

My point being is that if you can evoke something that is not by any means real and completely MADE UP then why should you not be able to be able to evoke someone who really is? However, my question for you is why do you keep saying that it is impossible to evoke somebody without giving a reason to back up your claims? The only reason I have seen is “I know this from spirits” which is pretty shit imo. Do you think it is impossible for anyone to evoke the another person just because YOU failed? Because obviously you are just the greatest magician who ever lived and if you can do it then no one can right?

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That is the kind of moxy I like to hear. You are going places Omnipresent.

I[quote=“Elison, post:10, topic:2129”][quote=“Omnipresent, post:7, topic:2129”]Well, I intend to make it possible![/quote]

No matter how much you try, you can’t. I know this from spirits.[/quote]
So, you’re saying EA is a liar? He has said it is possible, and that he has done it. In fact, he has written that he has had his students evoke him. He has stated that when you evoke a living person, you are evoking a piece of their Eternal self. If you are more knowledgeable than EA, Elison, what the hell are you doing here? Where are your published works, and your evocation courses?

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You can evoke anybody. The templar square is particularly effective for this. The most common method is to use a black mirror or your mind, or work on the lower astral, and structuring techniques are very effective here as well.

The people you evoke will vary in terms of how lucid they appear to be. Michael can help to bind and “pull” them so they’re more awake and helpful. When you first tune in to the individual, you’ll get a sort of representative “idea version” of them. If you hold that for a few seconds, it will serve as a link to the actual person and you’ll notice that the person you’re seeing now looks, sounds, moves, and behaves exactly like the real thing.

Binding, interrogation, communication, and influence are the best uses here, in that order. If you evoke an accomplished magician, they will usually be quite lucid and can give you coaching and resources.

If you’re looking to command an evoked person to perform a specific task the way you would a spirit that is far outside of their usual behavior, I’m not sure exactly how you’d accomplish that. I think binding, persuasion, torture methods, and work with demons who specialize in influence would be more effective there.

So if EA tells you to jump from an airplane without a parachute, you’ll do it, right? Stop worshiping EA, that’s just sad. Walk your own path.

Why do you think that everyone who knows something should publish it?

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So, according to you, there’s no difference between something completely made up and a real thing? Oh jesus…

I am not at liberty to speak about this particular work.

Then why don’t you summon a spirit and ask it, to prove this “shit” to yourself?

It isn’t failure if it’s impossible.

Thank you! :*

Holy shit elison. Here’s an idea if you can’t talk about something due to some prior commitments, shut the fuck up about it and actually avoid the subject, or just change enough of the info that you actually can talk about it.
I’m beginning to suspect you are not a magician in any sense of the word, and are just here to wank your ego.

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Elison, obviously its NOT impossible if EA is willing to have people attempt to do it. His reputation as a teacher wouldn’t last very long if that was the case.

Unlike EA, who tells people to experiment and find out for themselves, you come on here and throw around opinion as if it were fact. I certainly don’t worship EA, but I do give him the benefit of the doubt, because he puts himself out there and says, ‘try it.’ And I’ve tried his stuff and it works. You offer nothing to back up your claims. “It’s impossible because spirits say it is.” Give me a fucking break. Spirits lie. They also have limited knowledge outside of their sphere. If you are God, and the spirit sees you as such, there is no way it would tell you something is impossible. You’re God. And as for claiming that you “cannot speak of this work,” that’s just a pathetic cop out. If you really were not permitted to speak of it, you wouldn’t have opened your pompous mouth to begin with. That’s the equivalent of the old "we can’t tell you unless you are a 10 Level Grand Poobah in our special Order of the Flatulent Lizard, " bit. Give us the name of the spirit that told you that evoking a living person is impossible so we can ask it ourselves. EA’s claims are backed by his published work. You have absolutely no authority for the grandiose claims you make.


I assume you’ve talked to every single spirit that ever existed Elison. I agree with all the other posts. I did in fact read about EA getting summoned by the people evoking him. We are not worshiping him, he is giving facts whereas you have nothing to prove other than saying the unnamed spirits told you the information.

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