Evoking an archangel

Has anyone evoked any of the archangels Successfully and what is the benefit

When common things you ask, search function you must use


I’ve done it quite a few times , ask as many questions as you’d like

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archangels of magick by damon brand, read it, its a book on archangel magick


The benefit? Power, wisdom, guidance, protection, knowledge…


Yup , good book

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Thank you StregthenedWarrior l will lookout for that book.
Thanks also to all the beautiful replies l have received from members on the forum.
Much appreciated.

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NailOH, thank you but l will take you on your promise, l mean questions on the topic.

Ok cool

I told you that l will take you on your offer.
You know my story, l have been studying all sorts of discipline in the spiritual field for over forty years and have come into contacts with all sorts of entities, the type that speaks audibly with baritone voice and those whose voice are like the squeegeeing of a baby doll. These entities were evoked by friends and the names of the entities given l have never come across in any spiritual book. Besides l am not sure what they say ever happens. They even have a kind of password that anytime they want the entities to appear they only say the word and the spirits appear not physically though but they speak audibly for anyone present to hear. I was busy at those times doing my Christian thing so that is why l am now trying to evoke Angels and Spirits after all these years.
My question is during evocation will the angels or the spirits evoked speak audibly to me and would l have to go through the same rituals anytime l want to call them…
The second question is, is Abrahmerlin system of six months preparation for the conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel relevant today as it was in the past?

Thanks for hearing my story, hope to hear from you when you are ready.

I PM you on the 17th June and haven’t had a reply from you.
I hope l haven’t been a bother, if l have then l am sorry but please just let me know.


You aren’t a bother , I had a lot of PM’s , private message me again , this is thread talk