Evoking a dead friend

A friend of mine had a very unfortunate death. I get the feeling he hasn’t completely moved on… How can I help him? A psychopomp? Any tips?


I’m so sorry to hear that. Anubis and Hela would both be suited to this task. I would reccomend Bune but I’ve never worked with her but I’ve heard very good things about her.


That might be a good way to experience Necromancy, in my uninformed opinion.

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If you have an item to connect with him there are ways, any fetish item or as coined by Dante Abiel a fetish mark will do the trick, however tha latter is for control among many things, a fetish item will be enough for this.

Hold the fetish item in your hand (right one), say his name over and over and tell him to come to you, it also helps if you visualize his face or imagine his smell etc, and if you know the name of his parents it will help, you ask him to come in their name, when saying his name use visualization (if you are able to do so) should call him to you.

When he arrives ask him why he feels unrested or unable to move on, a ouijaboard can help with the communication unless you have delveloped good clairaudient or clairvoyant skills, if you are able to then guide him to the afterlife or find someone who can show him the way do so. If he asks you to do something for him in order to move on you can of course grant his request, however the dead can be a scary &/ or tricky thing so in short be a bit careful and trust your instincts. You will know that he’s in the room with you when you feel the temparture drop.


Thank you excellent advice. Say he is unable to move on where would he be before I call him? Is he in any danger?

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I don’t know, E.A Koetting more or less explains it in a video on youtube regarding where you end up when you die. however most necromancers seem to agree the dead basicaly are all around us already, I however have very limited experience with Necromancy, very limited. So in regards to to knowing wether or not he’s in danger I don’t have the slightest clue. If you want to ask him about it or want to find out more ask him or get proficent in the art of Necromancy.

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