Evoked tonight. Spirit physically touched me?

Tonight I put into action something Ive been wanting to do for a long time now, which is to start evoking on a daily basis with a highly truncated procedure that can be rapidly set up, executed, and cleaned up. The longer procedures were just not working for me (focus wise; seemed effective still though), and while being very drawn to do evoking, I was also being pushed away by the thought of the setting up a bunch of stuff and taking a lot of time doing things I wasnt all that confident in the efficacy of. So I just decided, today, that I was going to wing it right there and evoke and not follow any script, and just do what I felt was necessary, and continue doing it daily until I had my own formula, with the intention of getting something solid put together for permanent use (and a 30 day daily evoking which I want to do).

All I used was an altar, altar cloth, 2 yellow candles, a tea light, a statue, a black blanket as a backdrop, and resin incense in a censor. I chose to forego the circle, triangle, dagger, chalice, additional consecrations (already done on all relevant objects previously), and almost all speech except for whispers of calling. In the future Ill probably re-add the circle to aid me in initially mentally focusing, and its a quick thing that doesnt take too much time.

I felt this perfectly adequate; in fact felt it preferential and as effective as if not more so than some previous evocations done with longer more traditional procedures. I felt much more focused on my goal, and not distracted with the set up, as I had been before.

So I began with sitting down on the floor and just clearing my mind for a minute. I lit two yellow candles on either side of a tiny altar with a statue of Isis on it, who I feel a deep connection with, which is part of the reason I felt (and still feel) confident a long procedure was unnecessary. I began a mental calling in silence and did an energy raising technique for the chakras as a whole, and an energy focusing technique for the heart chakra, as thats where I feel clairsentience feelings come from, and thats the clair- I have ATM, so focused on that.

Was really feeling the energy in a visceral way in the heart area. Its like a weight in the chest, but its not an uncomfortable sensation really as much as “weight in the chest” might sound. With a little bit of light-headedness and normal breathing, I knew it was as high as it was going to get energy wise, so started with whisper callings, although I was already feeling Her presence.

I dont remember how much I whispered; it wasnt much though before I knew intuitively that more was redundant, like asking someone in the room to come into the room they were already in.

I wish I had perfect recall, but after getting into the flow of things, it always seems so dreamy looking back on it. Hard to remember the order in which things progressed. Literally its like trying to piece together dream fragments, and literally like in a dream, it doesnt feel like a dream when you are in it…

I whispered things, thought things, and felt things, all of which is personal. But after I was done, and with the clear intention of training the psychic senses to be able to perceive spirits with more than just feeling, I had said “speak to me” a couple times. Clearly my intention was “reveal yourself to me to my senses”, any sense, but “speak to me” is so much easier to say.

Its here where I felt something quite physically touch the top middle bone of my left middle finger.

I feel twinges and itches and tingles and twangs on my skin all the time, and it barely registers as anything more than a trivial annoyance. Never has any of it caused me to react by inhaling sharply and pulling my hand back in an unsure way, as if the feeling was something totally unrecognizable. And indeed, thats what it was; a feeling, a sensation that my mind did not have a reference for.

I didnt know what it was; I could not with immediacy determine what had touched my finger, which I tend to be very good at doing. My mind came to 2 similar but unrelated conclusions and spit both equally probable scenarios (to it at least) out to me simultaneously to try and explain the sensation:

1: Its a bug.
2: Its the wind.

But neither made sense upon examination.

If it was a bug, it would have to have been a large one, and a large one would have felt more weighty and tingly with its little pointy feet than the feeling did.

If it was the wind, with the force it touched my finger with, it would have been sensed by a larger region of my hand as well, easily.

And it didnt really feel like a bug. Nor the wind.

It felt like a touch.

But a touch from a substance never felt before. A substance that my mind has no reference for, and could not identify readily.

The best I can describe it, is as if someone touched the tiny, super fine hairs on the tops of your fingers with an ultra soft feather, except that the feather had gentle force behind it. I cant really replicate the sensation; everything I do no matter how softly I touch my skin with whatever, either is just too light a touch to really feel, or grazes too harshly and overstimulates it. Even with a super-soft polyester throw blanket that feels like baby kitten ear fur, its just too rough a sensation.

Looking back now some hours later, I would now describe it best as an ethereal sensation; impossibly light and gentle, but still with substance and force of some kind behind it. It was quite pleasant, though completely unfamiliar.

The evocation self-terminated within the next 60 - 90 seconds as well. This I do clearly remember. The ritual self-concluded, and the sensed presence subtly and gently drifted off, as is usual at the conclusion of my rituals. Why this happened exactly I cannot say. When this happened, I did try and reinitiate contact twice, thinking that maybe it was just the suddenness of that touch that knocked me out of the ritual but did not actually end it, but it immediately felt tangential towards the purpose of the ritual to do so. Thus I accepted that it ended how it should have, but am still working out its exact reason for doing so.

I did not know what to think, and perhaps am still deciding. I did a tarot reading afterwards, just to get some elucidation on what happened. I explained the situation, and asked basically just that, for some elucidation or a hint to what had happened. I passingly thought at some point prior to shuffling that any upright Queen would confirm both a successful evocation and literal spirit contact, because in this context I would associate the Queens with Isis. I blindfolded myself as I do, shuffled, explained, asked, and as soon as I was done asking, as does happen sometimes with issues that all in hindsight have been very clear cut (at least to The Oracle), a single card expelled itself from the shuffling with some force, and landed face up on the ground. Given its timing and my personal experience with special events like this, this card was clearly the answer to my question in some way. (If anyone wonders, in readings with ejected cards during shuffling, I only accept face up single cards with a clear orientation that have been ejected immediately proceeding a question. This is a rare event. Where it lands doesnt matter, only that its flat. More than one card out I consider shuffler error, and all face down cards were not meant to be.)

Twas the upright Queen of Chalices.


Thats my story for tonight. It seems dreamy, and feels like trying to remember one too. But it definitely happened. Ive never reacted that way to a touch.

I know some people have mentioned they have been touched by spirits before. Id like to hear what it felt like to them, and see if this account is similar to theirs.

Good,your on the right track. Yes i have been touched by spirits many times and it is a weird feeling the first time. But so is all this crazy stuff the first time=) Now you may want to use a voice recorder in your rituals that will help you remember what you said and what the spirit says to you…oh and don’t get too freak out the first time a spirit channel through you;) Oh shit i forgot to add, ask the spirit’s permission first before you evoke it a lot.some of they don’t like being call more then one time for the same thing.If you can’t hear it just try to feel if it’s ok with what your trying to do…i worked with Mepsitahl on that and she was 100% ok with me evoke her for just the practice. OH and i hope you cab read all that as i’v at a birthday party and i’v drunk as shit and i don’t know why i needed to say that. but ok i done…Great job keep it up.

Its like a weight in the chest, but its not an uncomfortable sensation

With a little bit of light-headedness and normal breathing

That’s normal, the heavy chest feeling. I even get an increased heart rate or sometimes my heart just beats heavier. But I’ve been feeling that non-stop for the past like 6 days and can feel something lingering around me. It’s comforting while awake, but damn if it doesn’t make it hard for me to sleep, I keep wanting to wake up in the middle of the night and start studying shit.

Thanks. I do feel its OK to do, and wondered about that for a long time, and whether to trust my feeling that it was OK or not. I sense nothing of a rejection or denial of the request. Looking on the situation now, feels somewhat like it has a “how fast do you want to learn” theme going for it.

Presumably it could be very fast. The touch was so very real, and going from nothing, ever, to what seems to me at least to be a sure touch with little to say otherwise, suggests there may be a lot of potential here if I continue diligently.

If possible tonight, Im going to do this again.

This is my daily experiences for over 5 years and, for me, it’s very comforting. The increased heart rate happens occasionally, which isn’t from my own body, but from the spirits physical manifestation. The closer a manifested spirit is to your body, the bigger the chance of feeling an increased heart rate. My point is, there is a chance that the heart rate isn’t yours, but the spirits. The more you experience this, the more you know if it’s an outside source, or yourself.

So, what does that external heart beat represent? First and foremost, it represent life. It also represent love and devotion. This also means that the spirit or entity is very much capable of being just as much alive in the present as humans. If a spirit was representing something of the past, like of someone deceased, it wouldn’t physically have a heart that beats.