Evoked Belial. Did this work?

So last night at around eleven pm or so I attempted to evoke Belial. I gathered dragons blood incense and mango ( got the mango because I personally like the smell) lit a few red candles. Offered some alcohol and two pastries, I’v heard he likes those. Had some blood on his sigil. Shut off all the lights in my room and started to recite his enn. I have no idea how many times I said it but I began to feel relaxed and drowsy. Had a petition to him so I decided to read it aloud. Said a few things then I went to bed. I’m not entirely sure if this worked or not. How will you know if he accepted what you asked of him and or know he was actually there. I get what I felt could have been a sign but I was already drowsy before the ritual.

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I guess you will know when you get what you want or not. (you did remember to put a time limit on your request, I hope?)

Shit. Nope. I kinda asked for help with my ascension and development and to purge my weaknesses and make me a stronger person. Didn’t really know what would have been a reasonable time limit for that.

What you asked will most likely become true but since you were not very specific the goal might manifest in a way that you don’t expect

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Ah. I did say be as brutal with it as you like but yeah, this will be interesting if it works lol.