Evoke or not evoke that is the question

I have a question about a situation that i already have, you’ll see i paid for a spell (in ebay) and im awaiting for the results but a feeling born inside of me wanna evoke one demon in special, i wanna evoke beleth. What do you think i must do it or await for the results of the spell?

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Is the guys you bought the spell on Ebay a real practicing Magician, with experience, or Is this person just wanting to take your money without doing the spell, did you receive proof of the Ritual?

You can Evoke a Demon yourself, i dont think that it is a Problem, if the goal of your Evocation is the same as the one in the Ritual you Bought, i will just amplify the Result of the Ritual.

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Contact the person you paid and ask them.

[url=http://www.ebay.com/usr/holypriest3s?_trksid=p2047675.l2559]holypriest3s on eBay she is The person that did The spell, im gonna follow your advice in gonna talk with her

18 dollars for a love spell?

That’s bull, she’s likely a scammer.

What price do you place on love (serious questions)?

Also, I’m not clicking the link, but what’s her feedback like?

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Well most casters pay for time materials, risk, etc.

The minimum I’ve been heard charged is 20 a candle and max 300 a trabajo.

The more risky the work such as dealing with the dead or spirits of that nature can raise it further. 700 maybe thousands.

Some Serious casters won’t even do love or curse work unless it’s a special case.

So what kinda work did this person do for 18 bucks? Couldn’t have been continuous weekly or monthly work.

The minimum I was quoted on evocation was 250 the most was 1000 and the ritual supposedly took 5 hours which required the traditional tools.

As for the feedback it’s good but at the same time misleading




Good rating: still no results but I’m patient

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This is her web page

30 or so dollars for djinn work? 99 Succubus?

Djinn are pretty nasty spirits I’ve heard the preperation alone costs thousands

not to mention it’s a real pain in the ass to summon one, very time consuming too (if we are talking about “islamic” or “arabic” jinn).

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I don’t care what anybody says love spells are by far the hardest to do. I’m good at doing general attraction spells for people like all in one love money success. All together. But to get a specific person is tricky. There’s too many variables. Every love spell is different down to what you use and don’t use.

What price do you place on love (serious questions)?

Also, I’m not clicking the link, but what’s her feedback like?[/quote]

Personally Eva depending on the situation maybe a penny haha :slight_smile:

reminds me on my trigger:

What if i just gave a tiny Little more…

That short sentence somehow boosts my abilitys, and natrually Comes into my mind when difficult stuff blocks my passage.


So yea, go for it! Spend a Penny on her. xD

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