Evoke Nadis

Can you evoke nadis individually?

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If you’re evoking anything internal it’s best done in an astral temple, I have found.

It’s possibly better to travel within your own body and interact with subtle channels and centres, as well as the ruling spirits of bodily organs, within.

Same way you don’t physically pull something out to check it over in the ordinary world. JMO, JME.


When you say nadis do you mean the energy points major and minor chakras and such?

Yes. The energy pathways

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Yes, I believe they may be evoked as well as invoked, with Circle, Triangle and all the desired ritual implements.


Is it possible to make a sigil for each individual nadi? There are 72,000

I could then use the sigils during rituals and send massive amounts of energy through them and expand them

Yes, making 72,000 sigils is possible.

is it necessary?


Is it wise?

Depends on your enjoyment of sigil-making.


Yantras for Ida, Pingala and Sushumna probably already exist, one may use them or create sigils. I don’t know if the other nadis have names…


Do you know the yantras for them?

I did a quick research, trying also with “mandala” instead of “yantra” but no results… So sigilization may be tried with chaos method or rose-cross one etc., or indeed also without sigil, sometimes magicians skip them.

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I have been trying to do nadi meditations, but I cannot find any.

I tried making a sigil for my whole etheric body, but people on the forum said it was unbalanced

The word is activate, not evoke, yes, activate as much nadis as you ever can.

sigil FOR them ? idk

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evoke so i can bring them in front of me

I don’t know if one half of all the nadis is positive and the other negative, anyway you may either proceed in order to obtain their apparition as channels (it would be weird but, still) or for example Ida manifest as a woman and Pingala like a male, either taking a body from incense’s smoke, or appearing in a magickal mirror.

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