Evoke happend or not?

Hey, I just did “something” and curious about what you think.

So yesterday I tried to evoke dantalion the process was this: I sat down to a table, made the whole room quite and dark only a blue light was on. I grabbed a piece of A4 standard white paper and a blue permanent marker. I searched on YouTube for his enn and I started playing it and saying with the video. During that I started to draw his sigil. When I finished it (12-14 minutes) I know his enn from my mind so I closed the video. The drawing was not perfect (the circle was not perfectly round btw) but I think it’s acceptable. So I sat down there with a drawing and I chanted his enn for like 5 minutes. Then I stoped and started to look deeply into his sigil. After a few minutes I started to speak loudly to him. I have not seen or felt anything just talked like there was someone next to me. I told him my desire and the things I want. And I made sure that he can come to my place any time he wants to and told him that sorry about the imperfections of the drawing. After those things being said, I just said, thank you for being here and see you later. I stood up left his sigil in the desk, went to groceries and things like that, and after an hour I returned I put the sigil into a shelf.

This morning I did the same with belial, again I drawed his sigil etc etc same procces, but in the end I stabbed my finger with a needle and put a few drops of blood into his sigil.

Both time I asked them to show a sign of that they heard me on the process is on the way.

I think I have not received any signs yet, and so I’m curious about your opinion about this whole process maybe doing something wrong or you suggest something else.

Thank you if you read it and answer it. Have a nice day.


I am not as experienced in summoning as most magicians in this forum. But from what I’ve been learning in these past few months I think that your summoning was well performed and see no reason for it to not be successful.

Thank you, I also had a champagne as an offer but in a bottle not opened it.

Otherwise I had a dream about what I was asking but In long term, so for eg if I asked for a car and In my dream I was in the car driving but some negative feelings was also there like ahh the tires are low on air or something that fcks up your comfort feeling, do you think that’s a sign ?

Thank you for your answer.

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Also really interested in others opinion and suggestions

When you call a spirit, be sure the spirit has come.

Develop your Astral Senses further and you will be able to determine that the spirit is there much easier.

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Will try but the fact that I see or feel them does not influence the outcome I think, or is it ?

I’ve found that it can, but often doesn’t.

When I say it can - I’m referring to a possible inability to understand them saying ‘No’ to your request.

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Thats a very good thought.

Do you think asking like 5-7 different spirits to the same situation will cause problem ?

Again, my own opinion, but yes, I think it can.

Gotta give the spirits time to work, I would suggest giving them a time frame when you ask your request, If they don’t complete it in the set time frame without giving you a reason, stop giving offerings and try another spirit.