Evoke Dantalion Friday

I saw that he’s related to MARS, I wanted to contact him today (Friday) , but I don’t know if it matters, can someone advice me?

It doesn’t matter. The Lesser Key of Solomon does not give any such astrological attributions to him so you can call him any time. I called him on a Wednesday, if I recall correctly. :thinking:


Yes, just thought about the Mars vs. Venus concept because there’s a lot of planetary associations with known spirits in general

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Yes @DarkestKnight is right, I did my first evokation with him hesterdah his energy was very high and I spoke with him until 3 am so I really think that doesn’t matter. In fact I never pay attention about the days for that. But if you’re planning on calling him take a look on @Sha thread and the one I did today! I think it’s very complete.

I always just look to the original source material if possible and then decide from there. I know people like S. Connolly and others give various astrological correspondences for the demons of the Goetia but I have found them to be unnecessary in my experience. The Keys of Solomon have astrological correspondences but they are for the spirits of the astrological “houses” and have nothing to do with the Goetia.

Astrological correspondences are not the most important regarding to invocation/evocation. It helps you with getting to know the nature of spirits, but the problem is - it is never accurate perfectly. One spirit may have different planets/zodiac in other diagram, it really depends on the experience and ASPECT of this spirit.

Etc, Dantalion aspect of empathy is under Moon and his social aspect (teacher) is under Saturn.

Just do evocation/invocation when you feel intuitively the time is right.


I also believe it does not matter if you evoke him on a Friday. There is a logical aspect to this belief: Depending on where I live on earth, my Friday will be your Thursday or Saturday. I‘m living in Europe, for example. My Friday is Saturday for someone doing the ritual in Australia or New Zealand. While someone from the US is doing it on Thursday because of time zones involved. I also think that demons might not buy into the concept of days in a week at all. This concept is a human invention to measure time - just as our various calendars are, which depend on the culture we adhere to.

Do demons function according to human time concepts and the measuring of time in them? I don‘t think so.

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