Evoke by intuition or follow steps

To attempt a full evocation, whatever that might lead to. How do you guys evoke Goetic demons? If you have the “tools” like the demons incense and candle, scrying mirror.

I feel a good connection and a push to move forward. I don’t see a lot of guides to what I wanna do exactly. To call forward a demon, give them an offering, communicate and ask for something.

Does anyone have experience making their own evoke ritual and had success? I feel like making my own thing is better than doing a ritual slightly related to what I want to do and that has unknown risk.


Now I personally make my own. Mainly because 1. I think It makes it more personal and 2. It allows me to cater things to my own needs. Usually if I can’t for some reason come up with one of my own, I’ll use a template that’s already out there for a specific demon, then add some changes to fit my desires. One of the best things I’ve found about magick is that there’s no one way and only way to practice. How someone else evokes may work for them but not for me. Which doesn’t mean I’ve done something wrong, just i need to figure out what works for ME. If that makes sense lol


^^ Exactly my thoughts. I started with others versions but developing my own just flowed out like a river. There is some structure but by far the most important tool is my mind, meditation, focus, and desire. I won’t discount physical tools, vocal enns/chants, offerings, shrines, circles and various operations as they can reinforce the magic within and set your power to the desired result. In the end its always YOU as the master key to open the locks to the doorway of wonder and awe.

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I usually used to try to use all the tools for the correct safety precautions , I used a ritual dagger , clothing of a colour associated with a spirit , a triangle of art , circle of Solomon and sometimes music for offerings , I believe the correct precautions are like a seatbelt while driving , if you crash you have fall back plans


I always invoke the spirit I am planning to evoke first and ask it how it wants this to go! I ended up evoking them astrally a lot! The ones I did a physical evocation for they lead me to it! They chose everything from offerings to what I am supposed to say.

Magick is an art, and great artists steal. You can make up your own rituals, but I am of the view that if you do not study and understand the methods of other, much more experienced occultists, you will end up making mistakes or leaving out processes that others have found to be quite effective for no real reason (aside from perhaps being too lazy to read and learn).

Magick is a very personal art, but I often see the idea floating around here that using other people’s methods is somehow “bad” or not as good as something completely made up by you. I think this is ridiculous. Imagine if none of the world’s scientists ever shared their results with each other - everyone would just be doing the same experiments, making the same mistakes, wasting time for no reason (this is actually more of a problem than you may think nowadays in some fields).

I suggest learning from a book like Demons of Magick or Evoking Eternity or Orlee Stewart’s Ars Goetia. Once you have an idea for how other people are doing things, feel free to do whatever you want to do.

Or just do whatever now, and if your results are good enough for you, then who am I to impede upon you.


When I first learned of possibility to call spirits, I started to imagine how one would go about that and later I discovered a few approaches similar to “mine”.
In general the best thing is a middle way between being technical and following a natural, personal flow. 25 years ago I improvised an astral evocation where I placed a quartz over my chakras, then with closed eyes visualized a demon form, said an already existing conjuration, imagined an energy entering me and vitalizing that form…

Learn a working system of magick, and learn it so well that you can do it in your sleep. Once you understand the processes that make a system work, then you can follow your intuition and create your own, but without understanding the mechanics first, you are just groping in the dark, “intuition” or not.

Bruce Lee created his own system of martial art only after he had studied and mastered the traditional system of Wing Chung, and understood its strengths and weaknesses. Artists study the masters before developing their own style. Austin Osman Spare and the forefathers of the DIY school of Chaos magick all studied the traditional systems of magick, however briefly, before seeking to discard all the pomp and tools.