Evoke Azazel offer from E.A

As much as I need this, I am in so much need I have not the $700-some odd for him to do it for me.
So, that said, what is a guy to do when down to his last $35 in the bank, but really needs the help? Invocation is still not my forte. And as I have more pressing matters at hand like finding employment, I don’t have the luxury to hone this craft at the moment. So, any thoughts? :slight_smile:

Draw Azazel’s sigil and open it and ask for whatever you want and see what happens.

Focus any magic you do on finding suitable employment first and foremost. I say a saint rather than a demon. Go to the 99¢ store and buy 3 white glass candles. Choose a saint like St Peter or whatever. Learn a little bit about the saint, familiarize yourself with their lives. If you can, print out a picture of the saint and frame it.
Pray our father, hail Mary, and a glory be. Use a prayer to the saint that you find appealing. Then offer them water, write your request on paper ("find me a steady source of respectable, legal, well paying employment etc.). Place it under the candle, light it, then say your petition.
Avoid using terms like “may”. Keep it stern almost. Like a sure command. But be polite and respectful. Thank the saint and go about your way. Pray every night until the candle burns all the way. Then repeat with each candle until all three are done. These glass candles have the potential to burn 3-5 days each. Altogether, try to last nine nights.

Also, promise something in return. If you get what you want, you have to pay them. Debts are not something you want to have. Promise something like a dozen roses, frankincense, and coffee or water. You’ll also want to research if the saint has offerings traditionally associated with them.

Good luck.

Let me tell you a story from my recent past.

When I first began exploring evocation, I was very interested in Mark Alan Smith’s Trident Trilogy. However, during one of my first conversations with Hekate, she made it quite clear that I was not to utilize free PDFs; she wanted me to sacrifice something for every bit of occult knowledge. Now, the initial book in the Trident Trilogy, Queen of Hell, goes for $700-1000, when it’s available at all. This was beyond my means at the time. When I brought this to Hekate’s attention, she directed me instead to a more basic text that was within my means; Eric’s Works of Darkness (which in fact, I’m still working on). I asked what I should do about acquiring Queen of Hell in the meantime (I have an Aries Sun opposite Pluto - let’s just say I can be a bit obstinate at times)? She told me that the answer would be apparent when the time came. When other books came available, more advanced than my current skills would warrant, I asked her again and again, thinking in a mundane way of investing for future usage before the inevitable markups. Again, I was told to let the future take care of itself, that once I was ready for those books my abilities would be mature enough that acquiring them would not be an issue.

Gradually, I came to understand that, as a sorcerer, my task is to focus on shaping the world around me in the current moment into something more suitable, given my current skill level in the Art and available resources. Once I do that, the future will be altered anyway, which may well render my well-laid plans superfluous.

So I second Euoi’s advice, excepting the part about Saints, as I personally much prefer the company of demons, although if Saints and angels are to your taste, I’m not going to judge (okay, maybe a little). Consider what you can do, now, that is within your means, magically and financially speaking, to improve your life. There’s actually a ton of free information on this forum, among the newsletters and on Eric’s YouTube channel; more than enough to get you started. It will be a learning process, certainly, but it is eminently doable. And you may find that, when the future moment arrives, that a pact with Azazel would conflict with the direction most suitable to your Ascent. Or you may just learn how to arrange one yourself.

Don’t you have 15, 20, 30 minutes a day?

That, consistantly, would be better than a lot of people manage.

RavensAscent on these forums just wrote a very in-depth guide to sigils (I’m guessing you already read the newsletter here) - here’s the link: Sigil Flashing: Consecration Explained & Simplified for Newbies.

That’s not something you need weeks of fasting, etc., to do… those things have their place but I think most of the methods most people on here use are about the minimum of unecessary effort for maximum gain and effect.

If you are in dire need, sigil magick is the way to go. It takes time in learning to proper invoke or evoke. The fastest way to get magick to work without experience is chaos magick in my opinion.
Do this take a piece of paper, write down you intention, like (I am employed and earn more than i need), or something like that. Write your intention like it’s already happened, be anal about your wording try to make your intention as clear as possible without it being misinterpreted.

Now from your intention take away repeating letters and vowels, (I am employed and earn more than i need) -> (MPLDNRTH), Using these letters draw a sigil that looks magickal. There are losts of demos you can google, just search chaos sigil magick.
Now make like 3-5 sigils, about different things you want, some even simple and pretty useless like, (i’m sleeping without worry), (i have lots of energy during the day) Etc.
Now you should have lots of different sigils, and you have thrown away the plaintext, so you have trouble remember which sigil is which. Now put them away, for a few days, maybe even a week until they are just pictures to you, you don’t know which is for the job or which is for sleeping well etc.

Now pic a sigil and charge it, the easiest way is to use sexual energy. You bring yourself to orgasm, while you staring at the sigil. The moment of release just stare at it with no thought, you may see it flash. Now burn the sigil and go about your day.

In a day or two you will have charged all the sigils, and you don’t know which each was, this will prevent you to think about the result, and forget about the ritual and your desire as needed to make this work.
This was just the surface, go ahead an read more on this subject.

Now when your situation is better and you have time, i strongly recomend that you learn a good magickal system like EA koettings for instance. Don’t rush evocation let it take the time it need.

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Clandestine Magick …

My work at the office is going slow and I have bought the Blood Pact.

I read at work … “Thank you for putting the complete works on PDF and BOA on MP3”

I want to do more…

Okay you can’t light candles at work so I have a crystal skull about one inch big that fits in my pocket That I have charged it with the seal on page 86 of BOA.

I go across the road and grab colored markers and a bound index card flipper. I didn’t know why I bought a whole pack but that would be reveled.

I put four lead cards blank and put a B&W sygil of Azazel and then get a brighter idea.

next card… draw it again with color points like the candle I would configure in a working. Blacks, reds, green, yellow, violet, and a circle in to imply white.

Next I will do the symbols on the circle and tuck them into different points of my cubicle.

Wow I guess I just invented Dilbert Magick.

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