Evoke a demon for the first time - Look out for what?

Today, I tried to evoke a demon for the first time in my life. For personal reasons, I decided Dantalion was my best port of call. Prior to the evocation I spent hours researching information about him online (well, I’m an information nerd, I guess).

I wasn’t exactly dissatisfied with the result of the session. But I still don’t really know how to do it properly. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube and testimonials on this site. I gather, there is not ONE way to go it right. But are there elements (sigil, enn, etc.) that NEED to be incorporated into every evocation? I feel insecure and this is probably not good for the outcome of any kind of magic you are using.

There’s a really great template for evocation in the Book of Azazel. Honestly that might be your best bet. There’s also Evoking Eternity.

But really it’s pretty hard to mess up. Light some incense, use the sigil along with perhaps the enn to evoke, enter the theta/gamma sync and enter rapture, then give your commands and dismiss.


Thanks, this really helps. I’m excited that there is so much to read and learn. Nothing tops the feeling of a new world opening up.


TBH I think only thing you really need is right frame of mind and the sigil. You could probably do a evocation standing up with nothing around you outside just holding the sigil.

From what I’ve read it’s a bit of ritual and what is comfortable to you. Some do ask you to get out of your comfort zone though like Beelzebub.

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Thanks. It’s good to know that there isn’t too much detail involved. I’ll try again with my best intentions and see where it leads me.

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Absolutely, I’ve evoked while sitting on the couch before :smiley: I try not to make a habit of that though.

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Haha, that’s chill. I gather as long as you really respect the demon you are evoking, you are on the safe side, no matter what. It‘s probably my catholic upbringing which fusses about all the ceremonial aspects. Let‘s call it a steep learning curve… Thanks.


Thanks. That helps a lot. I‘m thinking too much, I guess.


It also depends on your feelings of whats necessary as elements aswell.
The books are great and testimonies on this site is great.
For some they can simply think of the entity and that may even be enough or atleast little to no work and preparation is needed, some like the more ritualistic element to it to set the frame of mind.
I like the pshycodrama of doing the ritual and it helps me get in the right space even If i can do it without for me it feels slopy not to do it, but thats only an example of how it feels right for me.
There is nothing wrong with using the ”classical” steps but nothing wrong to book it down to the bare essentialistiska aswell whatever floats your boat.

I get your point. The ceremonial aspect seems to be important to me. If it’s too simple and easy, my mind can‘t grasp that anything can or will change. Things feel insubstantial. That‘s probably the reason why religious ceremonies have been invented to start with. For people to understand that they can affect a change in their environment. Food for thought…

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