Evocations for sex with tangible results

Ok so I’m posting this to see if in fact any one has done and evocation to get a girl or guy to sleep with them. How many of you actually got to sleep with the person? I’m not into love spells really per say. I’ve always been pretty lucky in that department. Just out of ego I’ve never done it. But this girl is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever encountered. Exotic Like HOTTTT. I’d entertain cuting off one of my testicles to sleep with her for a year. LOl I know TMI Pleas let me know. Ok even a kiss not Oh well she talked to me or she looked at me. An evoctation wit real results. SEX SEX SEX

This was 90% of my evocations when i first started getting manifestions. I honestly cant tell you how many bitches I gave the D too, then again I was in college so its kind of expected that I’d be a man whore. I always went after girls who I knew wouldn’t be easy. Girls that claimed they wouldn’t cheat on their man, girls who claimed to be saving it for marriage, a few fine ass Muslims, so on and so forth. I told my current girlfriend that if she had met me just a few months before she did she wouldn’t have dated me.

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I watched it. I think its true about the whole food thing. But Blood is life and energy. Even Money is energy. it comes down to sacrifice. My godfather always says. You can put some one in the hospital with your pot or even kill them. He says that doesnt impress me. He said you really want to show your skill with ur pot? cure someone of cancer. that impresses me. My Godfather has saint mmade too. I’ve gobe to hospital beds with him for people that were fucked up. We shut the curtain and sacrificed 2 doves for the person in ICu . Later that night He was stabilzed. A week later he went from being on his death bed to being at home watching tv in his bed. Now hes fine. Palo Mayombe isnt the dark side. It can get dark because its death. we started geting things together for my pot. My Godfather sells snakes spiders and all types of insects as one of his businesses. We had to take the pot out of the house because the spirit was killing all his animals. The pot were building likes to eat dogs. My Godfather gave me a dog skull to put in my pot. I said why you giving me this? He said cause if I dont your pots gonna kill my pitbulls too. The energy is raw. Its a ll a matter of how you use it. Like you have elctricty you turn on ur lights you watch tv. Somebody gets electricuted. Not because Electricity is evil. Just because there was too much power. Same with any system including Palo. Voodoo has the bad spirits just like Ifa and Ocha. You can use Ochun to sweeten up your life or u can use her to sour someones life. The Nkisis and Muertos of palo are the same. They do what ever you tell them too. They always say in palo dont make promises to the dead that u cant keep. Because if they get pissed they will fuck u up. What do they care theyre dead already.

The reason why is the spell I know how to do takes 5 days to work. I’m going to see this girl at work on Sunday. Plus I cant just go using my Palo spirits to get laid. You get held to a standard when ur in the system of Palo. If u use them for stupid stuff like that when you really need them they’ll make you give them alot more to help you. Palo spirits are tough on thier kids. They’re is evil spirits in voodou its the petro Loa and the rada Loa. If I’m wrong please let me know. Plus I want to start honing my skill when it comes to evocation. I’m trying to incorporate all my teachings to get the best results

Dirk, the colonel wants to know what demons you used? It’s ok, you can tell him.



Dirk, the colonel wants to know what demons you used? It’s ok, you can tell him.


Mainly Sitri but I also used Furfur from time to time. Despite reports from other magicians, I’ve never had Sitri try to cause me to be in a gay relationship.