When someone says "The summoner probably did something wrong, that is why they didn’t get their intended result " what does that mean ? Does it mean they didn’t summon the demon right ?

I want to summon King Paimon tomorrow , what would be a good offering ? I have a bunch of incense . Do I light it up and let them run out or do I just leave them there for him to take ? I know he loves sweets so I might give him some candy too .

Do I need to really meditate or can I stare at his sigil for about 2-3 mins and say his enn/call him name repeatedly and then say what I have written out (our pact between us) ?


Hmm I’d have to go with the only thing “the summoner” did wrong is work from the wrong assumptions.

Wether is it eneries or entities when you call out to a force it responds. With both the only factor that will be different is that practitioners ability to perceive that which they called.

When you evoke know it was heard, set the doubts ablaze in a raging inferno of ritual regardless of how simple or complex the ritual, record said ritual and LeT It Go FrOm yOUr mINd.

With that said if using a combination of incense and a candle in their name can be used as a simple offering.

The moment you start asking “did it work?” Before any good amount of time has past if you cant perceive energies or spirits on some level you begin to program yourself to have a harder time in the future.


The number one reason evocations fail is that people don’t release all their desire at the end of the ritual, if you walk out of it Knowing it worked not hoping it’s going to then most likely yes, but if your feel more like your waiting for an important call then probably not.

If you declare the incense as an offering to King Paimon then let it burn out on it’s own, candy is fine so is any kind of food or drink, He’s not really picky about it so long as your very respectful to him and state as clearly as possible exactly what you want from him.

It’s more like a gaze then a stare, you should be totally relaxed with no anxiety doing this, and really the mindset you need to have before starting is "Motherfucker I’m going to sit here all night and call you until you show up, until we talk, and until I get what I want, because i’m not giving anyone a choice in this.

Try these out as well.




So just be extremely clear with my request and keep a positive mind before and after the ritual ?

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So should I just o on telling myself that it did work and not question if it did or didn’t ?

Ehhh kinda more possitive mind before, and unless you are doing evocation to learn from the spirit you need to let go of the ritual to get your hands out of it. Otherwise your energies fuck with what the spirit is trying to do

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How would I do that ?

You try to forget you did the ritual in the first place and let it do it’s thing. If in a few weeks nothing then try again all depending on the timeline your working with.

Also write down five questions to ask Paimon before the evocation (do that for every spirit) Now try not to let yourself think how would i answer them or how would he answer them, just have them ready and ask them out loud and write the first things that come into your head, That will be him speaking to you and it’s one of the fastest and best ways to make real contact with a spirit.


Ground,ground gorund. Meaning workout, throw yourswlf into work hobbies, or as BmoA suggests work on the next goal, and keep figuring out the next step. For me this is easier with large goals that will take a while so i can break them into bite size targets. By the end of the barrage of rituals ( usally 1 a week or so) ive cut the time i expected to be done with everything by almost half.

The idea is by the time your done with the 4th ritual the first one happened a month ago and so on. When you have your mind constantly working toward goals it doesnt have the chance to look back and meddle with past work.

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EA likes to say: “say goodbye to the spirit, close the ritual and go make a sandwich.”


You all gave very good responses but there I think I might have a problem .

I can’t just act like it never happened . I do try to keep a positive mind and I do try to forget about it but it really is hard for me . I don’t dream about it day and night , but often it comes to my mind . I don’t know how to completely forget about it .

As i said thisbsi where working towards the next goal helps. Your mind wont have time to dwell on the previous ritual


I’ll try my best with that one .

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This is a fundamental of manifestation. If you need practice just work some regular old chaos sigils for things you don’t care about and build your way up to spirit sigils and evocation from there, which is honestly intermediate anyway. Also, there is a a wealth of info on this site on King Paimon; just type in his name and smash that search button.

Yea when I type his name on the search bar I get 50 results only

lol, yep. He is very popular here.

Do you think he is very good at spreading the word ?

Word of what? I do not understand the question.

I want him to make my app popular.

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