In evocation, should the words being said be authoritative out loud or normal speaking of the words in a soft tone will work. Which one of these works best in your experiences. Kindly share with me as I need help out here

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Your words should be authoritative and forceful (that doesn’t mean loud, though. You are commanding, not yelling). You are rending the veil between worlds to bring forth a being of spirit before you. You cannot be wishy-washy or timid. It is your Will that is required to bring the being into physical manifestation.

If you are evoking a demon with a soft tone, if will probably laugh at you, if it deigns to even show up. Remember, you evoke with Divine authority, so speak as God would, not as the mortal human that you are would. Angels and demons will respect that Divine authority, but you have to embody it first before they will listen.


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