Evocation with different system

So … Hello everyone!

Some time ago I talked to some people who said that they used the evocation system of the lovercraft and other things, as a symbol of Koth and scoba incense (I think it is also spelled)… It was interesting that this was used to evoke demons of goetia and the evocations were intense and of great power…
A pdf of the name necronomicon was used, easily found on the Internet
And they don’t know Azathot’s black book!

What do you guys find?
Did anyone do something like this or did you use something from this book?
Has anyone ever thought of this or has anyone ever thought of using the Azathot black book system to evoke normal demons?

All are excellent somehow they all pierce de veil to the other side. Lots of Systems use gates. Somehow everything is very similar. Is worth a try

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