Evocation while soul traveling

Would it be possible to just learn soul travel and do all your evocations in the astral, since that’s where all the things we evoke or invoke come from anyway? In a nutshell, is out of body evocation/invocation as potent as in the body?

The Astral plane is quite an elusive plane, All things invoked/evoked do not come directly from the Astral, Rather, They tarry through from their realms down to the astral plane-etheric plane-mental plane so they can be better perceived by us.

The Astral plane is more of a focal point
It’s not a place,world or plane - It’s a tiny point in the universe albiet it has features the human would regard to as a dwelling/place.

You can decide to create an astral temple for your subtle rituals - That’s evidently very effective compared to the physical one. The mere thinking of an entity is able to attract the entity to you in less than a second.

But… Instead of evoking/invoking beings in the Astral - Which is not really needed in this realm. You can, if experienced, visit them in their Realms. The way/portal,which you have to go through, must be shown to you by someone who has visted that place before or the entity itself.
This can both be amazing and dangerous.

Don’t believe or disbelieve my words.


Find psychic exercises and practices that will strengthen your senses. Practice them daily until you have them memorized then you can imagine yourself in your temple on the bus, in an elevator wherever.

I have a mountain with a large network of caves that I use as a temple. I just wander around and a thought will remind me of an entity and they will appear.

Some beings are more comfortable in their own surroundings and like privacy that way. They can get angry if you are interrupted in your temple by another entity. Some you may have to create a more suitable space if their realm is overwhelming to your senses for whatever reason.

There are some realms you don’t want to get distracted or lost in.Think of being a kid and an adult trying to pull you through a crowd.Pay attention to whomever is guiding you. And just because you can go to some other realms doesn’t mean you should.