Evocation - what am I missing?

As i work on evocation im
"still" must be missing some thing right now i’m able to to get to the cross roads easily no problem at all the room will completely disappear i will be just sitting in a void i have been trying to contact Ameretat i just have a picture of her and chant her name but still no luck what em i miss i structure a person in front of me but still nothing. could some one help me with this?


Don’t be hung up on getting a physical form in front of you. I haven’t had one yet and I know some people on here haven’t after years. I get tingles or sensations that aren’t connected with anything happening and that’s how I know but sometimes I don’t even get that. I just trust they are there


i think im very close tho

You want to feel the target spirit’s energy and draw it forward in front of you. The thing to remember is that a name can hold all the power in the world, but it won’t achieve anything unless you channel that power.


i thought my problem could be structuring.

When in the crossroads simply say " Speak ", then hear the voice, i know it sounds simple but if your in the crossroads then you should hear the entity remember the voice will start of internal.


should this be when i say for the entity to appear also?
i thought i heard some thing but did not see any thing. the whole room will disappear and just be a void that’s it. it happens rather quickly

Hi @anon85346918, maybe a stupid question, but I did read a lot, what is being in the crossroads?


People here have covered majority of what you need. And as said above do not get hung up on physical manifestation. That is not important. Communication is what you need and what is truly important. That is the gem. Wanting to see the entity is only your ego looking for confirmation of what you are doing is real. It cannot make sense of what is happening so wants validation. This is underlying doubt and will impose on your magick. Forget about the vision and work on the connection.


Practice in a scrying mirror. That’s how I learned to see them. And even after having seen them, I still don’t get that result every time. Just give clear instructions to the spirit “appear to me in visible form, speak to me that I may hear you”, use a base for manifestation like incense smoke, and practice practice practice. Final note, don’t try to hard to see. As some said above, focus entirely on drawing the energy to yourself. Resonate with the spirit and focus on that. The manifestation cannot be forced


thanks for the help every one i understand what you all are saying. but i think what i was missing is that im not not moving when in the TGS im siting still and from what i understand movement triggers the rapture and i need to stop dropping out of trance when i start to seeing sparks of light.


So simple and yet so profound. Thanks.

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So you think youre having trouble because you are physically not moving your body? Sorry If I am reiterating what you just said, I just want to be sure that I understand

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yes i just watched EA,s vid on evocation and he said to get in the rapture you must move physically 26:55


You dont have to. You just need to communicate. I can tell You that youre simply over thinking things and it is getting in the way bro. If youre thinking of what you are doing right and wrong, you are not relaxed enough. You have to be in just on the border of awake and sleeping. Your conscious and subconcious should both be on the same level. If youre thinking about what you are doing wrong youre not quite in the rapture fully. Fuck moving around, just repeat the entities name over and over and over. Until you feel a change/ shift in yourself. Then tell the entity to speak. I like to use a scrying tool like said above. I used a bowl though, now I have a giant black sheet on one wall of my temple. Stare into the darkness and begin speaking with the entity.


It’s different for everyone because no one is the same. If you get hung up on experiencing the same thing as someone else you probably just end up ignoring a viable evocation


From my own experiences i’m focusing more on physical sensations. Whether i get tingling sensations, burns, hot or cold, Then i start gazing through the incense and allow myself to feel the smoke as it moves around me. When i call upon the entity usually i start seeing sparks of energy all over my room and the incense start feeling like a solid/fluid essence that swirls around. Then after a few seconds i see the incense starts to direct itself to my face or my chest area or my left arm where i can fully feel the energy of the entity.
Only then i know that he/she is with me and i start communicating internally. My speech is mostly carried out in my mind as i’m in too deep of a trance to be able to move my lips without going out of it.
And later i start seeing the confirmations that the entity heard me.
So there are many other ways for an evocation to work, many of whom do not require you to see a physical manifestation.
Just like what @Shadowmage and @serpens_album said, don’t go into it with an expectation… You’ll only block your connection. The important thing is to feel that you are in touch with the being and that the being can communicate back to you even if you don’t hear it as an external voice.


have you ever gone to the cross roads then charged the sigil and then chanting? and has that speed up the summoning process?

Third eye open? Can you feel your chakras throbbing? Get your third eye throbbing. Focus your concentration and intention with eyes closed on an unadorned wall. Can you materialize purple or blue energy in that area? For me that energy is what the spirits appear in. Not directly where you are focused but off in your peripheral vision. The voice comes from making your mind as silent as the grave. The entities voice overwhelms the mind.

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when chanting what should some one think of? or keep their mind blank as they chant.