Evocation restrictions of mine (need solutions)

I’m thinking about renting a storage space to do my rituals. The rules are no incense no fire no smoke. How do I do the evocation without them?


use flameless candles if you need the feel of it…your circle and other magickal tools if you need them. your grimoire. and most important your mind.

you could also use some dry herbs that give off some sent.


Visualize the sigil in your mind and chant their name. You don’t need anything but an idea to do an evocation (imo)


I hardly ever use incense, candles are nice but I don’t set them up every time I wish to talk to a spirit.

IMO, pick an area on a wall (if it’s a storage space any wall should be fine, but check it doesn’t face anyone’s bedroom and is not above or below a lavatory) and use that area to scry again and again, you’ll weaken the fabric and create a portal and will no longer need fancy tools to converse.

Make sure to bind it closed once you stop using the space permanently, so it won’t affect someone else.

You could hang or lean a black mirror against it to begin with but I honestly think scrying any surface is just as valuable a skill.

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Find a spot outside. It’s free and you can more or less do what you want. For winter, what Lady Eva said. Or make a snow cave. Not joking.

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Why? Just asking out of curiosity :thinking:

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Perform the Lesser Encircling Rite (Michael W Ford - Adversarial Light)

Chant Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas to open the gates of hell.

Call out the spirit. Once you feel a intense energy manifest in the area give your statement of intent.

Close The Ritual with Lesser Encircling Rite.

After you achieve what you want sacrifice some drops of your blood to the spirit.

Read -

Another way is to get out of your body and evoke in the astral plane. There are many good new age books out there to teach you that.

You can work with EAs SOUL TRAVEL course as well.