Evocation residue

EA once stated that when working with spirits they leave a certain residue because they enter a part of your being. What is this exactly? And how do we get rid of it?

PS: He also stated that when performing evocation you should realize that you are the creator and at the top of the hierarchy and if you don’t recognize this that you have screwed the ritual up. Before I worked with Paimon, however, someone stated that he likes to be treated like royalty. When I evoked him my body went as far as it can go down as if to worship and idolize him. I gave him offerings like wine, incense, and a candle to burn everyday and to pray to him with that candle. How far does respect and treatment of royalty goes without letting go of the recognition of power?

The Gods are also Creators. It is your Creator Power vs their Creator Power.

I’m not fighting them.

When you said:How to get rid of them" is actualy like you would say “How to forget them, or that experience”, everyone give to us some of their essence every day