Evocation questions

How long did you practice magick before your first successful evocation? Is it something that takes years to master, or something you picked up rather quick? What goetic demons are easier to manifest for you?

I’m no expert in this, i’m a newbie too, so all I can say is that it’s different for everyone from what i’ve seen in this forum. Some people achieve results/have success pretty fast while others take more time to do so. So you have to discover yourself, how much time you will take, that is.

I remember binge reading everything I could for months and then going straight into doing a Lucifer evocation. It worked, he came and I asked him for help with my learning.

I started with Wicca at 14 and then stopped in my 20’s. I started back in 2015 and went straight into the LHP fulltime.

I have ‘the gift’ and so does my family going way back. It seemed very natural to me.

I found Bune to be very easy to manifest as a newbie and very kind and loving ,not just for material gain either.

I am still learning daily and will be ongoing.forever. There is always more to learn!