Evocation Question

Let’s say that on my list for the day I plan on calling up Astarte for a purpose and then Moloch for a purpose. Once I am done calling up Astarte and stating my request and I blow out the candle, do I immediately use the same altar and set it up to call Moloch right away or do I wait? I plan on making a list of gods and spirits to call up for specific purposes and having a schedule…

Don’t blow candles out. You’ll want to banish and clear out the residual energy before calling the new spirit just so the air is fresh and clean for him. It’s the respectful thing to do. As for the list of gods that are made to do jobs, that’s not the best idea. The best is to make alliances with a few really powerful entities that can do more than just one trick.

Yeah, it’s best to form a few really powerful alliances because, apart from anything else, those spirits will then recommend the best entity to work with, if they don’t handle that work themselves.

Or they won’t do shit at all cause you’re a stranger who hasn’t done shit for them. Why should the king of hell get you laid when all you did is call his name? lol