Evocation Preperation

So In the evocation course, he says that you shouldn’t use the Archangels protection when it comes to demonic or lefthand path entites as they might not like it. What way do you recommend protecting yourself that is pretty easy to wip up?

For me, I use no protection regarding Demonic Gods, as they will respect you for that, but when it comes to entities I’m uncertain of their intentions/trustworthiness, I like to use a ritual I like to call: The Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Infernal Pentagram:

Draw an Infernal(inverted) Pentagram in air, and visualize bright blue light as you trace it for each
South vibrate Abzu
West vibrate Nu
North vibrate Brahma
East vibrate Poimandres
Then say “To my right Satan, to my left Leviathan, in front of me Azazel, behind me Beelzebub, and over my head Lucifer.”

You’ll feel the the essence of the Demonic Gods surrounding you, and you will be protected from any unsavory entities.


Hayy Robert welcome back!

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Thanks for the warm welcome, my friend! Life has been pretty busy for a while. It’s good to be back!

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Exactly. You are basically custom tailoring an energetic environment using corresponding energies that replace the angelics. This is a good one, btw. I like it.

S.Connolly has a good one in the Daemonolator’s Goetia as well.

I like this one too:


Know and memorize a banishing technique . Do your best to remain calm even if you’re afraid. Likely, you won’t run into any problems but just in case. The best way to approach an evocation is meeting someone for the first time- be on your best and throw away any dirt you may have heard about them beforehand.