Evocation or summoning?

Ok,I am not a profess nor very experience magician,but I will testify that I have seen dramatic changes in my life over the past few months such as job promotions,removal of obstacles (people) hindering my progress etc! I have a question on what is the difference between evocation and summoning an entity? I vibrate the demons enn and use one of the incantation that EA teaches in the video. I wouldn’t put any merit on the Shit I read on line such as threatening a demon by gods name if he doesn’t comply with your demands! I feel this is total disrespect as these entitys I call on towards my ascension are not only my spirit guides ,but a close friend as well! Any comments are welcome to help enlighten me.Thanks

Summoning just means calling, so it could include invoking the spirit into oneself or simply calling them to hear you, whereas evocation more commonly means the spirit is present outside yourself and usually in a specific location, such as incense smoke, an idol, a black mirror, or whatever, and often either overtly or clairvoyantly visible, or at least, you strongly sense their presence in a way that’s different to before and after the evocation.

Yeah, usually when I say I am summoning an entity I mean that I am simply saying hey spirit’s name, come here for a minute please! And speaking to them and they do not manifest in front of me, but I can hear them speaking to me in my mind. Sometimes it comes thru sounding like my own thoughts but the replies are something I would never say and are worded so very differently than how I usually speak so I know I’m not making up random thoughts, other times I hear voices like a schizo like a loud speaker playing in my head.

When I evoke the demon I do the actual ritual (some call this a summoning ritual which is why it can be confusing) but I pull out the candles and the sigil and stuff and go into a light trance and formerly call them to appear in a visible form before me so that I can see them in my room as if I was looking at another person. Depending on my focus, sometimes I see them clearly and in color, other times I see a thin black outline like an aura but inside of that aura is a clear bubble like shape that I can see, a very clear outline of the front of their body that looks like I’m starring at an oddly shaped clear bubble. And when I’m really not very focused I see a black shadow that fades in and out.

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