Evocation or Invocation

Hi I was looking to see what peoples opinions are on evocation versus invocation. I see many people talking about evocation. Ive been reading S.Connolys book The Complete Book of Demonolatry where she outlines Evocation as the act of summoning ( like you might a servant or subordinate) an entity ( implied: against its will. Also implied: Demons are servants.) She goes on to say We do not evoke Demons under any circumstance. So invocation is the preferred method. Im just wanting to see what others opinions are on this and which method do you use and why?

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I dont know if my understanding of the difference between evocation and invocation is similar to others here, especially since english isnt my first language and I dont use these terms everyday.

When I contact an entity, I invite them to come to me and communicate with me. They’re free to choose whether they do it or not. I guess that would be an invocation. I dont want to force them to talk to me, as I dont want to be forced to do something either. I think if you invite someone to work with you and they choose to do so it’s a better start for a long relationship than if you force someone to listen to your problems.

Only in an emergency situation I summon an entity by force, for example to save my life or the life of someone else. Also, I think only in a real emergency situation you have the power to force an entity to appear.


I use both but not for the reasons S. Conolly mentions. But I will not completely disregard what she says, yes at times I’ve simply asked spirits for favours like you’d do at Mc Donalds especially in the begining. But more often than not I use Evocation to learn from spirits, asking what they want in return for teaching me their craft especially if they have high authority. However as a general rule of thumb treat them equally, kindly and with the respect they deserve. When you evoke an entity it is a show of great power to them, it shows them that you can manifest them in their astral form on the physical plane. Which in of itself is nothing short than the act of a GOD. This in a way commands respect but you shouldn’t get to cocky, as some spirits will not be impressed by you evoking them, they’ll just wonder what the hell you want from them, or what all the wailing, banging, smells and fuss echoing in the æthyr was about.

Invocation to me is a very huge deal, as it is very much more intimate than evocation. I use invocation after a relationship has been built with an entity, to one: gather more information which may not have been possible otherwise; two: to comune with a spirit on a very intimate level.
FYI- technically when invoking you are singing an implicit pact with the invoked spirit to use you as their manifestation base for your benefit but at times-, depending how well you able to harness their energy and power, to you deteriment. With Evocation you can have spirits manifest things for you and in a way it’s safer than invoking them. But through invocation you learn how to do and become like spirit and in time manifest their powers and knowledge in your life by becoming them.

The key difference to me between the two is:

Evocation: you manifest the force as it merges with you slightly in ritual meaning your consciousness and the spirits as a result before and during to the ritual, as you are reasearching it and such, links you together, the final part of the Evocation is when you project what’s in your minds eye outwards before you. Thereby manifesting what’s on the inside or in your minds eye before you to manifest something you want.

Invocation: you take a force and manifest it inside of yourself, letting it use you as the manifestation base for you beenfit. To learn more about them, or to become them and let them change you from the inside out.

Hope it helps.


Yes that makes sense. Thanks for your input, that was interesting.

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Oh thats fantastic, ive learned alot from reading your entry, in fact Im going to screenshot it. Thanks for taking the time to detail everything


I have never heard invocation being used in connection with possession, i definitely never knew that! So interesting to read everyones take on it. Thankyou.

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This is incorrect. In ceremonial magick, an invocation is calling a trait or power of an entity within yourself, not the spirit itself. A good example would be to call upon the courage of Thor before a boxing match.

Godforms, aka the various pantheons of gods and goddesses, are traditionally invoked, and in the Golden Dawn this is known as Assuming the Godform. It is NOT possession, as the technique is to identify yourself with the god or goddess and take on its power, but the spirit does not take over your consciousness as it would in possession.

Think of it this way: Invocation is NOT possession, but possession can be seen as a FORM of invocation.

Connolly is religious, so she defines things through that lens. Evocation is simply the calling forth of a spirit or power external to the self. She only sees it as “against the spirit’s will” because she is assuming it is always done in a traditional sense, with the Words of God and the constraints and the threats, aka the Solomon method. However, that completely ignores more modern techniques, such as EA’s system.


Yeah I realised reading her book that she has the religious standpoint. And what you say regarding invocation makes more sense, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Im learning so much on this forum too, everyone is so knowledgable, im really glad I found it.