Evocation of Zepar

I have devoted my life to magic and mysticism for almost all of my life, I have been successful and done many things that can’t be described other than miraculous and and marvelous but I’ve never mastered evocation. I believe that my dive into the Qliphothic Tree has broken many of my shackles because I have more successful workings from couple of months working with the qliphoth than ten years with kabbalah.
And now couple days ago I had my major breakthrough in evocation. So firstly and secondly a big fucking thanks to @E.A teaching his techniques.
I always before had the triangle of the art outside the circle as the system of GD teaches although I never liked the idea of using circles and calling forces and then “protect” against them so many years ago I made my circles out of energy to keep the energy focused in the circle during rituals but after watching a video of EA about having the triangle in the circle and it being offensive to call spirits and then have a barrier against them I changed my way of working and put the triangle in the circle with me with my Qliphothic tattvas around the triangle.
I started the ritual by calling the four cardinal directions and calling Typhon-Setekh, Leviathan-Tehom, Belial and Belzebub borrowing sum things from Liber Azerate, using invoking inverted penragrams. I used binaural beats as ritual music. Then I started gazing at the sigil and chanting Zepars name and when I could see the sigil while my eyes where closed I gazed again at the sigil in the triangle and looking a inch in front of the wall before me so I could see the sigil in the air before me (didn’t have any incense) so I started mentally create an image of Zepar like described in this thread (Questions about evocation), like an soldier like the red bodyguards that the emperor has in star wars. I changed and gazed at the sigil until all I could see was the sigil and everything around faded away, even the candles faded away. Then I started to say a simple incantation / conjuration asking Zepar to come… Then I was startled so I lost focus when the triangle was like an pool of water and it rippled and I saw a head appeared in the triangle like in a reflection of water, little bit shy… This may be a trivial thing for you guys but a big breakthrough for me in evocation.

Please give feedback and input, also what I can do to enhance and evolve my evocative workings :smiley:


Awesome, man. Glad you finally got some results!

You’ll find it much easier to get back to that state again now that you’ve experienced it.

So, what are you wanting to enhance now? Were you able to just see the spirit, but couldn’t communicate with it?


Yes I saw it, looked like it appeared in front of me seeing him with my eyes. I didn’t use a obsidian mirror so next time I’ll use the mirror.
I didn’t talked to it just asked it for help with a thing. Also yesterday at my girls place I was mentally chanting his name and visualizing his sigil and after a while I saw like a black moving blob in the couch and got startled when I heard my girl say “what da fuck was that?” So she saw it also, don’t know if that was Zepar though.
After a successful working like this I won’t stop but invest even more energy into this. Next step is to talk to it.


I didn’t use a obsidian mirror so next time I’ll use the mirror.

That’s fine to experiment with, but you don’t really need the mirror, right? You proved that. Sure, use it a couple of times and find out if it enhances anything for you, but now you know that YOU do not NEED it. Awesome thing to know.

Also yesterday at my girls place I was mentally chanting his name and visualizing his sigil and after a while I saw like a black moving blob in the couch and got startled when I heard my girl say “what da fuck was that?” So she saw it also, don’t know if that was Zepar though.

Ok, you’ve got to laugh at this part, man. Seriously.

“Hey, I was focusing on Zepar, chanting his name, and visualizing his sigil … but I don’t know if the weird shit that happened was really him.” lol

Dude, it was him. You are the magickian. You focused your intention on him. He showed up and you saw him in a form you could see. Why are you doubting yourself? And I say this with love and understanding because I was there, too. lol

The real lesson is maybe we shouldn’t chant his name and visualize his sigil when we’re watching TV with the girlfriend. lol

So talking to the spirit …

This part was really tough for me, but I finally got there.

A couple of things that helped me was looking at where I felt the spirit’s presence and imaging a silver chain connecting my third eye to them. If that didn’t work right away, I would “pull them” closer to me with the chain in my imagination. That’s worked pretty well for me.

The other thing I’ve done is invite them to bring their energy close to me and sit right up against my physical body and connecting with me through my aura.

The most powerful spirits also come to me from behind. It used to freak me out, but now I think it’s to help with communication.

The spirits I work closely with have used the symbols of a king’s crown and mantle to help me understand the energetic connection between us.

When I’m dealing with a fiery and earthy spirit (what we call demons), they often settle in deeply against my head, neck, and shoulders.

I feel a heavy pressure on the top of my head, the back of my head, the back of my neck, and across the tops and backs of my shoulders.

So if I really want to talk to a spirit and I’m having trouble with the silver chain technique, I will invite them to “Come closer and settle in deeply against me like the Crown and Mantle of the Kings of Old”.

Those words represent a personal symbol that I was taught by the spirits, so it’s effective for me. You may need to play around with the concept and put your intention in your own words or symbol to get it to work for you.


Yeah guess your right, black blob-Zepar, but it was kinda cool that my girl saw him to; I didnt tell her what I did :stuck_out_tongue: But I was bored and therefor thought that I will try experiment a little instead lol

Thanks I will try this.

Thanks a lot I will try your techniques :smiley:

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We call that “confirmation”. lol

I’d say that was a clear success. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and I hope they help. My own spiritual companions taught them to me and they’ve really helped me get solid telepathic communication with spirits.

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This is what I like with magic, that it is so dynamic and it is a living system constantly evolving.


@valkarath can’t stop laughing… Last night I did the same thing as when I was at my girls place before going to bed, visualizing Zepars sigil and invoking him and then asked for a sign that he was in the room. First I started hearing strange noise from the window, I didn’t look and had a blindfold on… I knew this was him but I ignored it and continued, this just because to tease him. Then I heard things by my left side, cracking and other sounds, still ignored him and continued calling him… Third time I called out to him I “saw” a big black figure by my left side in my mind leaning towards me and I called again “Zepar I call you through time and space…” And I could feel him poking me in the face lol


lmao I get where you’re coming from, Zamael. Sounds like you had a great experience with Zepar.

I know a lot of people reading this will recoil in horror, thinking “You’ll die teasing a demon like that!”

But it all comes down to your attitude and the relationship you have with the spirit. I’m always respectful when I start working with a spirit, but I’ve found some of the spirits I work with have a playful attitude and our relationship deepens over time to the point where it’s like working with a close friend.

I remember one time I was experiencing some direct energy work on my body from a group of spirits I’d asked for help and there was this intense “burst” of energy through me that kinda took my breath away.

I kinda mumbled “Oh, fuck me” under my breath.

And then I heard this deep, earthy chuckle in my mind and Azazel said “As you wish.”

I was like “Ah, hell naw!” and he chuckled again. lol


Just done another evocation of Zepar but with the obsidian mirror, this time nothing happend, I think I dont like the mirror because I had a feeling through the whole ritual that the mirror is annoying. So I will not use it anymore I think. Away with all the distractions :slight_smile:


I’ve got a huge 4 foot wide black mirror sitting in the corner of my apartment and I personally have never been able to make it work for me as a black mirror. Right now, I’m just using it as a giant gateway to bring a certain energy into my life. And I occassionally soul travel through it.

The spirits I’ve worked with have challenged me to let go of my need to see them and force them into a form. I can feel them very clearly and communicate with them, so seeing them really isn’t that important to me.

And then just the other day, I saw a response from E.A. from 2014 in a resurrected thread on here where E.A. said that seeing the spirits wasn’t important as feeling the spirits in ancient sorcery.

Which, of course, makes perfect sense now since the two spirits I’m working with are encouraging me to go all the way back to their Sumerian and Babylonian forms.


Ah that is how I work with spirits. I don’t feel the need to see them because when I call them and I see things change in my life I know they where the ones that heard me and helped me. I see them through their actions. And I have the same approach to humans also, I don’t care about their looks or what they say but what they do. If I ask a human for help and they help or not I don’t care about their physical appearance.
But then I don’t know why, started to think that the spirits can help me more if I bring them to take form here.


Yeah, we do seem to take a very similar approach.

But then I don’t know why, started to think that the spirits can help me more if I bring them to take form here.

I don’t think you’re totally off-base here.

In my experience, it’s not whether they are visible or not that matters, but whether I can strongly feel ther energy or not that matters.

I’ve had the most powerful results when I really pull them closely to me and allow more of their energy fill my space. It can actually become rather physically uncomfortable at times.

Also, I personally feel having them link their own energy to a physical object really helps bring their energies to bear in this physical world. It can be as simple as a sigil hastily scrawled on a piece of paper or something more elaborate.

If I’m going to work with a spirit long term, I’d rather have a more permanent item since I feel it continues to collect more and more of the essence in it.

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Awesome- I look foreward to doing the same asap.

Could you share some of the miraculous things you did? Ser my black eye story in the baneful section.

It’s really great to hear that you use Liber Azerate in your rituals :wink: It’s fuckin awesome! And quite hard to find an English translation

Funny AF :joy::joy::joy:
I love their sense of humour.