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Wonder what would happen if you evoked the goetia.

@lady eva.
what incantantions have worked for you from this book? (NAP)

@lady eva.
what incantantions have worked for you from this book? (NAP)

The Nitika chant brought me enough money to buy the book, and I’ve used a few of the ones that aren’t about money for various things with some limited success, but I mainly found the book useful in adapting and creating my own methods.

The author did not mention this explicitly,
but this book is companion to another called “The Mystic Grimoire.”

Also, in NAP, there is a spirit called Arzel who is the “psychopomp” or intermediary to the spirits Shemhamphorash. You first make a connection to this spirit; then once established, continue working with the others.

It’s similar in this way to the GrimoriumVerum.

Good point, I remember that from years ago when I first had it and worked through it avidly. I read a PDF of the Mystic Grimoire years ago, but could never find a hard copy that was any kind of reasonable price.

Next time I have space and energy, I may try calling on that spirit for more enlightenment. This is an exploratory and experimental work with the ultimate purpose of finding ways to access lost grimoires, I’m currently paddling in the kiddie’s end of the pond, so I’ve now added “evoke/contact guardian spirits first” to my list… cheers. :slight_smile:

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By “coincidence” I just acquired an excellent hardback physical copy of NAP as a library discard that was a LOT cheaper than what it typically goes for and strangely had no markings in it at all, just the call letter sticker on the spine.

My first experiments with NAP were similarly disappointing, which was weird to me because I knew I was connecting to the spirits - the impression was too strong. One thing I know I don’t like is the use of GD-style rituals for charging, which in my experience choke “low magic” instead of empowering it.

The reason I got it was because I really like this book, the attitude it takes, and I think there should be more books out there like it, only more powerful and mature. The only equivalent is the Necronomicon Spellbook, which packs a stronger punch, no doubt due to the caliber of the magician who wrote it.

But when I have the time I"m going to try and talk to the spirits in the book, particularly Arzel - none of the spirits in there are unique to NAP, in fact some of them are notoriously powerful - particularly the Angels called on in the curses. I think it would be really great to rework NAP into something more powerful.

I’m wondering what would happen if you replaced the usual starter rituals with energy-raising, watchtowers, etc.

That would be really, really excellent - before I saw Student of Goetia’s post, I was thinking of independently contacting each of the entities in turn to see what was happening. I may still do that but start with Arzel in particular, and see what that spirit has to say about the whole thing.

My over-riding impression is that the book, as opposed to its spirits or other aspects, has become rather like an oil-well, clogged with sediment (maybe egregoric from the various people who’ve drifted into the occult, played with it, and then moved on) and that there is still a vital well to be had beneath this layer of detritus.

Also if people were skimming straight to the chants without doing some of the other stuff, it’s possible they steadily created egregoic versions of the original spirits, which subsequent uses layered on… I don’t know, just shooting out some ideas there, but I think there’s some possibility left in revamping GG-C’s original work and also his original concept for it.

Someone posted on here before I joined about the dangers of repeating a spell that doesn’t work for you, and that’s also part of what I’m thinking may have caused the weird reaction I got from its spirit.

Fates willing, I’ll update this thread if/when I do any work related to it, and if you feel like comparing notes please post your own, and that goes for everyone else who wants to get involved on this project regarding NAP?

The author did not mention this explicitly,
but this book is companion to another called “The Mystic Grimoire.”

Also, in NAP, there is a spirit called Arzel who is the “psychopomp” or intermediary to the spirits Shemhamphorash. You first make a connection to this spirit; then once established, continue working with the others.

It’s similar in this way to the GrimoriumVerum.

i’ve tried to approach labezerin independently and it was very intense…but with no results.
on the other hand,i did the same with grimorium verum and it was successful.i approached minoson just with his sigil and i had responce the same day.

sometimes reading posts on balg is just WOW.i mean where else you can read about evoking book spirits?



i was told when i got a copy of the janu grimoires to make two copies, and burn one while conjuring it to release its power in the astral. i did that and it was pretty powerful.

i conjured all of the spirits of the grimoire, and then burned the grimoire in a symbol of releasing their power from the pages to symbolize their reality as forces in my life and their freedom from dead letters on print.

later on i did the same with a copy of the goetia and again it had effects in the atmosphere.

if the idea makes any sense to you you may want to try it. be careful, though. it takes a long time to burn a book and fire hazards apply at all times

arzel aka arzl is one of the four spirits in the eastern subquadrant of the eastern quadrant of the enochian table of elements. the other four spirits in the eastern/eastern part of the table are rzla, zlar, and larz and the name of god that rules over all of them is erzla.

maybe if you feel like contacting arzel, command him in the name of erzla, or go the whole hog and contact him and the other spirits of the eastern/eastern part of the table according to the enochian method laid out by lon milo duquette in his book enochian vision magick.

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Brilliant! I was thinking of evoking the Game of Thrones books recently, any advice?

Yes: George R. R. Martin is not your bitch.

You will go far with this wisdom, young padawan…

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I’m far from a “young padawan”, but nonetheless, it seems fun.

Eva… This is Awesome to hear! I haven’t come across anyone else who has implemented this technique yet, and sounds like you are finding some valuable results! I made a post about this a while back, but until now, I hadn’t heard of anyone utilizing the same method yet. :slight_smile:

~ Consecration of the individual books written by EA, before immersing myself into their contents, has served me Extremely Well …and thought I would make this suggestion for other serious magicians to take advantage of, particularly now that the entire eBook catalog has been unveiled and made available.
It doesn’t matter if you have read any of his books already, and are about to climb back in for another Ascending analysis …or if you are picking it up to study for the very first time. This small, Powerful Initiation prior to commencement, will Super Charge what you reap, retain, and distill from each Opus.

Take the eBook of your choice, and print out the title page on page 1 of the downloaded eBook. It should be primarily blank except for “IPSISSIMUS, by EA Koetting” for example, centered in the middle of the paper.

(This process can easily be applied to the hard bound books as well)
Now take a few minutes and absorb a preview of the Book’s Essence by reading the Book’s description by the publisher …then by acknowledging the subject and content of each chapter therein, listed within the Table of Contents. FEEL the Essence of the Book permeating your senses and Anticipation to incorporate its gnosis into your own arsenal of Understanding. …After you have achieved a hungry Intimacy for what the Book has to divulge, prepare yourself for a session in Sigil Magick.

Assuming you are familiar and proficient in the mechanics and application of Firing Sigils and Sigil Magick as a whole, this will be a piece of cake.
Dim the lights and settle into a comfortable position in an upright chair. Relax yourself, clear your mind …and prop up the title page in your lap, to be gazed upon and awakened as you would in the opening of any sigil. The encompassment of the Book’s title can most easily be compared to the attributes of a Magick Square. The Book Itself has a unique spiritual essence of its own, but also has divine branching links to the Entities listed within the Body of It’s contents, as well as those that were of a Heavy Direct influence into the channeled manifestation of the Work, through EA.
Gaze into the Title of the work as a whole, entering the Theta/Gamma Sync, and wait for the black words to begin to flash as you would in opening any sigil. Continue gazing and relaxing deeper with every breath, and proceed until the title is flashing vibrant, and has completely disappeared and reappeared into view, reborn in that surging spiritual luminance of an Awakened Gateway. As the energetic overlying template of each letter in the Book’s Title courses and churns with vibrant power, bring to your mind’s eye with a distinct clarity and real-time expirience, an unfolding scenario of not only reading his Work, but of the associated Spirits and the Book Itself, ministering to your intuitive comprehension from “In between the lines” of the gnostic passages. See your Higher senses being clearly spoken to by the Book’s Spirits… See yourself constantly having that " Ah-Ha!" moment. See yourself absorbing the Blood of the Book, with a clear comprehension and acute clarity of the sacred information that was intended to be conveyed. Clearly see yourself repeatedly plugging in that missing puzzle piece to the equation from the conversation with the Living Work. See the Intelectual Convergence sealing itself up within Every aspect of yourself, and see yourself closing the finished Tome …a Higher Caliber Magician, competent in the Invaluable Knowlege bestowed…
As this scenario in your Living Imagination begins to ebb, scroll the scenes together like a small reel of film, compress it into a Living Sphere as an embodiment of the aformentioned Desired outcome, and explode it out the birth canal of your Anjna Chakra (3rd Eye) …down an astral zip line into the Open, Breathing Gateway of the Book’s Entitled Essence. As you internally see it disappear into the open Heart of the sigilized Title, in a low frequency tone …briefly summarize your Desired outcome with the Work, executing it with the conviction that it is Already underway, and close with “It is Done!” forfeiting all your attachment to the desired outcome in that Final Exhalation.
Now take the Awake and Consecrated Title Page, turn it over out of view to avaid any further examination or analysis of it, and fold it up …to be kept somewhere in your close proximity, but out of Sight …and out of Mind, to secretly bring the Will of your Higher Education with the Opus, to a Manifestation.
…This approach has proven to be a Golden Investment for me, before undergoing the Gnostic Adventure into any Tome. And I hope will be the like for Many of You as well. :slight_smile:

  • I would also Highly Advise consecrating the Awakened Title in your own spilt Blood, to further solidify the link between You, and the Spirit of The Work.

the rogue hypnotist is good stuff :c)

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Ya no, actually you were right on back then @Lady_Eva .

I found at the time that doing by-the-book conjurations with the NAP gave me piss-poor results. At the time, Damon Brand had begun publishing rituals based on NAP, and when i tried them, they didn’t work for me either.

If you remember how much i used to complain on the board, now you know why i was so ornery. The spirit that told you NAP was tapped out was RIGHT! I directly challenged that at the time and wouldn’t take no for an answer. NAP was not getting the job done for me, and i needed it to work. The tank was just on E, and i couldn’t get past that for a long time.

Lateral thinking, further study, and a lot of failed experiments got me past that hump, so i continue with the work, but it took a lot of failure and humiliation to get the NAP going again.

Why Geoff Left Dodge
As far as Geoff is concerned, in his later years i know he kind of disowned NAP, and i think i figured out why.

The truth of NAP is it’s very elaborate, but the elaboration is stacked on one part of magick, leaving the other parts largely unattended.

The Law Of Attraction explains occultism in a way that leaves no room for doubt. All of magick is built up on 3 principles: Focus, Ask, and Receive.

When you strip your magick down to the root elements and simplify everything, you’re left with what you want, the way you ask for it, and the reality of whether you received it or not.

I think at some point in his life, Geoff realized that he only needed to focus his mind and ask his own subconscious or Higher Self to bring him what he wanted, and then receive it with no internal conflict.

I also believe when he did this, he found to his surprise that it worked just as well as the crazy elaborate shit he did in the Golden Dawn and Thelemic lodges.

I know he taught this new realization in the 90s, but it most likely fell on deaf ears, because we as human beings are addicted to struggle and love the idea of having to suffer to get things.

When Cobb realized having your wish fulfilled was easy and uncomplicated, with no adverse blowback, i believe he began disowning the need for NAP with its Judeochristian trappings.

He cut out all the middlemen and went direct to his own subconscious mind and Higher Self.

It worked just as well for him.

However, the rest of us still need to come to the same conclusion as he did. So we continue to work the grimoire, hoping yesterday’s technology will solve today’s problems.

In the spirits’ defense…
Maybe the spirit of the book was telling you in its own way that we don’t need NAP anymore now that we have the Law of Attraction to guide us. LOA is a better moustrap than NAP, which was revolutionary back in the 70s, but is a bit of an anachronism in 2019/2020, let’s keep it real.

Also, it takes creativity to use magickal grimoires properly. I think the spirit of the grimoire was warning you that they’re tired of being called on by dullards. No offense to anyone who was using NAP in 2014…but yeah.

You know, spirits also want a little respect and maybe a relationship. They don’t seem to take kindly to being used and discarded like old condoms or toilet paper.

Maybe the spirit of the book was just being cranky after years of abuse.

Spirits PMS too, bc humans are a fucking headache sometimes.


That’s very interesting, thanks. :thinking:

Agreed, it’s the method I have had the most consistent results with over a very long period, especially with objects and events. I emphasise method because there are various spirits who can work literal miracles under the right circs, but if anyone is reading this looking for a method to stand them in good stead, careful study of LOA is worth the time.

:+1: is all I will say (to avoid offending anyone!).

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So how do we go about with the LOA, do we use similar process of sitting still and quiet, the requesting what we want?

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I know this is old but it’s really strange for me that others don’t get anything when working NAP, worked it this year and got results but the way I did it, it drained me and I can’t do that again for 7 days, it wasn’t necessary but it was just enough to get me into a magickal headspace. NAP worked faster than anything I’ve done for some reason but the book gives off a weird vibe, like it’s alive or there’s something tied to it. But I can see why it might not work for some, it’s like squeezing an almost empty tube of toothpaste.