Evocation of Paimon

Well in regards to Paimon I had something of an interesting experience.

From his sigil I got royal colors of purple and sort of a satiny red and a form of noble arrogance. Though it was the justified arrogance of someone with all the power they believe themselves to have.
Now summoning him he appeared riding a great beast. Something like a dragon but it did not seem or feel right. Seeming to me that he was more the beast than the being riding it and he said I was observant and the two became one. He showed then as something like half man - half dragon. Wings, tail, and claws of a dragon or similar beast and the rest as a noble man dressed in somewhat older attire.
He commended me on my ability and how far I progressed and warned that I was walking a dark path with my plans. He stated that he and the others would be with me ready to be called to aid in mastery of these forces.
Such boldness should be rewarded and your goal of mastery of all realms calls to me. Within you is everything and the potential for everything.


This is so cool!! Good job!!


I do rather like dragons and he always seemed dragonish to me.


Potential will prevail and will Rise :dragon_face:


Congratulations for your experience. I had images of him riding a camel, not a dragon. But he does give that vibe sometimes now that I think about it

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Congrats, I just finished mine. I had worked yesterday on my drawing for him this is one way I publicly meditate. I had a feeling of the King and I movie- yesterday ( I seriously had a crush on Mr. Brenner has a child) This morning I made Chai Tea - let out a plate of orange tulip petals with nuts. For King Lucifer and for King Paimon I listened and chanted his enn… he came forward in a sand scene, with mists wow… I was brought to tears and my right side which is numb and has been for over 3 monthes started tingling - He said I was was subconsciously shutting down. Their were lots of questions and he gave answers and for some strang reason I asked him if I could lick his feet… he laughed at me. I have no clue where that urge came from…

I see to fall asleep right after each time - which is nice since I let all my hang ups go when I sleep. the following morning I did some 3am ritual stuff only to hear a thump outside my window.


this is amazing. my questions is how did u call him. how did u set up for his calling

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You simply need to relax in a calm place and use his sigil or use his enn. If your astral senses are good enough, you can think of his name again and again (instead of using his sigil or his enn).

If you’re new to this my advice is to try to listen to your thoughts for he will talk to you through them. If you call him, he will come even if you can’t hear him (you may feel his presence though).

Show him the greatest respect possible, always call him King Paimon and try to be fully dressed when you call him. As for offerings, many things are okay but he likes wine. You can always ask him though.

He is beginner friendly and can teach you and help you a lot.

You can find his sigil easily on Google images and his enn is somewhere in the forum (or on Google).


thank you so much for this. how do i dress. wear what exactly. i rather be sure .

how do i set up for him. like a alter space or something
advise me please

I wore a dress that I wear for my workings. I did alot of reading and saw several notations of royalty. I heard bells alot yesterday… My alter faces the east but I set him up an alter to the WEST. Research them start a journal to document what you found. Mine is on Google and I add notes. I am very new to this and the researching, drawing and blogging is helping me tap into my creative side, and shows them that you strongly desire to know them and work with them. I have a side project for each Demon I reasearch where I make them a lil piece of artwork. Baal has a Bead Spider and he looks over my area, on a dream catcher. Dantalion had a copper looking rock that have a lot of faces in it.

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ok thank you. this is nice very nice. yes i am very fanatic bout these entities. they amaze me. so in wanting to work with them i want to learn. how to protect myself and be guided as i have children and married
what is the best time to deal with king paimon and what do u offer him

Just go to him with respect and you be fine, refer to him as King Paimon. I’d suggest an offering that as meaning to you.

I made one of caffine(monster java) and chocolate as those are things i would have gotten for myself and this offering is also one of sacrifice that was made in gratitude. I really wanted some chocolate lol :rofl:



okay thank you. what about a drink. that i love can i offer him that

There also some good in on offerings here

Only bit i disagree with is the whole declarations of the dead simply cause i have experienced the energetic effect actual sacrifice can have in a ritual.

And yes that should be fine. Another thing you could try is while you are at the store wander around a bit and meditate on what would make a good offering. Likely something will catch or eye or pop into you mind. Go with that if you try this way.

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It could be some kind of formal clothing but it’s okay if it’s more casual. Just don’t do it topless and such.

Also, I don’t use any altars or stuff, I’m just calling him.

thank you

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Your welcome hope it helps. :+1:

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