Evocation of Nichsah to Learn Control Over my Emotion

Sorry for my Bad English in this Post(I have to translate the teaching i receive from Nichsah From my Original Language French, into English)

Hi Folks, Hope everyone are doing good.

Its been three weeks since i first Evoked Prince Nichsah(King of Water) in order that he Teach me full Mastery over the Element of Water, I am a person very Easily Emotionnaly Upset, and i wanted to fix this problem with myself,

Knowing that the Element of Water is Linked to the Emotion, i Decided to Evoke Nichsah to help me with this.

So here a Little Resume of the Technic He gave me at my First Evocation, I hope this technic Can Help other People, because they have Helped me and continue to do so.

However simple they may Seem, They are really great to help control emotion.

So after having Evoced Nichsah, he teach me these First two Tecnic,

When a Emotional surge rise up in me, i have to visualise and Feel the Element of Water from my Muladhara Chakra raising up to my crown before being expelled of my Body, When i expelled the Water i visualise the water coming from my Body merging into the Ocean and by this action, being Purified.

He tell me that by Doing this, the Element of Water absorb all the Emotional Surge present in my body before being expelled and cleaned.

He Also Instruct me that, each time i bathe, or shower myself, i should concentrate on the Water absorbing all the Negativitis within me and Expelle it from my Body(More easilly done with a Shower)

So After he teach me these technic, He tell me to practice them until i feel that i have pass to another level(that i am more succesful in controlling my Emotion) and Told me to Evocate Him Again at this time.

So three Weeks Later i Evocked Him Again, and He Teach me this Other Technic :

When you get in a very intense Emotional state, go in a quiet Place, if possible and Put your Hand in this Mudra(UttarBodhi Mudra)
And Visualise Yourself Sitting in the Middle of the Ocean, you are sitting on the Water not in the water, Feel the connection to this Element, Feel your Mastery over the Water. Concentrate on this Until all Emotional Surge is gone.

Anyone Here had similar experience with Nichsah?

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I had a very similar experience invoking nichsah on a river, i asked him for similar assistance, and he showed me the very same trick with the water moving from the Muladhara!

I’m Happy that you have a similar experience, its just confirm that we Have both evoked Him correctly.

Very nice… :slight_smile:

I have seen this mudra you posted before… And many more also…

Actually I have a picture which contains 10-12 more mudras like this

i actually appreciate this post. gives me a good idea on how to quit smoking