Evocation of Merlin

Hello ,anyone tried to evocate Merlin from legends ??

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Yes I have and Merlin is part of the quetzomercury current. You can learn much from him and I highly recommend watching movies about the Arthurian legend and I mean ones that actually reflect the ledgends and not cheap Hollywood bullcrap. Also read up on the ledgends.


How to evoke merlin? Tell me sources etc …


Yes I have years back. Merlin is no joke. I specialized in Draconian energies for years and used him as a patron and guide of sorts.


Deep study into Druidic lore will offer the keys to this. I kept reading the Arthurian lore while also studying Druidic Magick within the New Order of Druids (An order I was involved with years ago). I also worked out of a few books called Druidic Order of the Golden Dawn among others. The approach I used was more like Necromancy.


What appeared was not the traditional “Wizard”, but a gigantic warrior. It could be Merlin was Nephilim? Those were my first thoughts.


Interesting, but one must remember that Merlin was a character based upon an actual living person - Myrddin Wyllt, perhaps it was he that came when you summoned?


That makes sense due to some legends of his stating he was only half human because of his birth.

I’m particularly interested in learning the magick of old from him, concerning his great feats of physical shapeshifting, manifesting things, and such. I’m guessing he was helpful to you in your studies?

You mean like the celtic golden dawn book by John Michael Greer?