Evocation of Mepsitahl

Hi everyone,

Thought I’d share my experience with evoking the spirit Mepsitahl for the first time, as it was a really interesting experience, especially for a first structured evocation. I started out by concencrating some water -using the method in evoking eternity, and I sprinkled that around the circle and my “temple” (I was in the tgs at this point so I did happen to see the golden-ish light particles purifying the brown murky ones, which looked cool as hell in itself!)
However, I didn’t feel intuitively that the space had been cleansed, so I proceeded to perform the LBRP, which cleared things up quite well. I then began the actual evocation by calling her name followed by a few incantations that I felt were appropriate. I should also mention at this point that I did have incense burning inside the triangle, once I had finished the incantations, the right candle on my altar flicked (like a gust of air hit it) and I felt her materialise in the east (the triangle was in the north since she is a Nepturial spirit), so I politely asked her to re-materialise in the north (whilst simultaneously willing her to materialise there), and eventually she did. The second she appeared in the north, the incense appeared to take a shape on it own (there was no draft in the room either), for the entire evocation it was just kind of messy (smoke just shooting out everywhere), but when she came over to it it became incredibly stable (I could see an evident physical change in the way the smoke was moving, it became really straight and just kept floating upwards to the cealing).

This took me back for a moment (since this was the first time I had seen something like that…) and I just kind of lost my words, so I sat in silence for a few seconds until I felt that she was undeniably looking at me waiting for me to say something. So I appologised at which point I heard a physical laugh, not loud, but almost on the end of the wind if you know what I mean? Like a whisper but softer but still loud enough to make out. So I continued with the ritual and essentially asked her to help me perfect my spiritual faculties, especially, something along the lines of telekinesis (I had always liked TK, and I read that she could potentially teach it in the long run), she said she would happily help with the various faculties but TK was a very long way down the line and that I shouldn’t even attempt it until I had mastered most of the others, which I agreed on.

She told me to explicitly work on perfecting the vision and the voice, mainly through intense scrying opertunities, so I asked her if she would watch me and take me through each stage until I had it perfect, at which point she told me to activate her sigil every time I scryed and take it from there (something about me needing to develop it on my own rather than her spoon feeding me per say lol). We agreed on how to proceed with regard to scrying and I dismissed her. Like before with the incense, when she left (and I could no longer feel her) the structured smoke turned immediately back into wavy, unstructured smoke. It was a great experience, especially since I could see her with my internal senses, so I could consider this a good structured evocation.
When I came out of the circle I felt immediately drained and light headed, to the extent that I had to sit down or I felt like I was going to faint, I assume this was one of two things, either my psychic senses still need more training (and my continuous pushing of them is what’s making me tired) or, this is the “magickal fatigue” EA mentioned in evoking eternity (I believe the latter).


That is SO cool, I was wondering how you were getting on. :slight_smile:

Sounds like magickal fatigue, it happens - that’s an excellent result and sounds like a strong contact, nice work!

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It is a really interesting experience, I’m still working on structuring that’s my main issue at the moment -I can feel the presence and as off today I can see the spirit with the internal senses, I just need to practice projecting that so I can create a physical manifestation. Although looks like I’m gonna have Mepsitahl to help me along the way! As a lot of people have said on here before, from the first evocation you start to build a relationship with the spirit, so I’m looking forward to working with her a lot more.

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There are some stones that i think might be helpful to you. I cant think of there exact names at the moment, but i will go though my books and get back to on them and what they are good for.

Ok Azael, sorry this took so long. There are more stones ang gems that would be helpful to you than I realized so insted of listening them all off I am going to list a few that you should be abile to easily get your ands on and how I think they will be helpful to you. I will also list a few books on stones and crystals for you as well that I have found highly useful.

Ametrine: fatigue.
Apatite (blue): fatigue, helps develop psychic gifts.
Herkimer Diamond: fatigue.
Iron Pyrite (aka. Fool’s Gold): fatigue, tapping into abilities and potential.
Azurite: developing psychic abilities.
Shattuckite (obtainable from specialist stores): developing psychic abilities.
Sulphur (also obtainable from specialist stores): developing psychic abilities.

I suggest looking more into these stones and crystals yourself. As for the books, the three I recommend are The Crystal Bible and The Crystal Bible 2 by Judy Hall. Cunningham’s Encyclopedia Of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham. Yes they may be written by RHP practitioners but I find them to be a valuable resource.

Oh I almost forgot! Some stones, crystals for your altar. Selenite, it will help keep your altar and tools cleansed and energized. Also my personal favorite Black Tourmaline in a mica matrix, returns ill-wishing to its source so the perpetrator learns from it. Kind of like a mirror.

If you would like to know anything els feel free to ask. Also, I hope you have found this helpful Lady Eva.


Oh, two more very important things! Remember to treat each stone, crystal, gem as an individual entity. Also don’t just grab the first one you see. Make sure it resonates with you and is willing to work with you.


That’s really helpful, thanks! I’m in luck aswell, there’s a specialist store 20 minuets away from me so I’ll swing by tomorrow and see what they have :slight_smile:


Glad I could be of help. One more thing I forgot to mention. Do not let the Selenite get damp or wet, ir will melt.

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I just invoked her. Asked her for help. She responded with… a little bit of energy and something new. Her whisper. Her voice. Very lightly. My ear was shocked in pain.

So yeah, she’s the real deal.

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if i buy these stones, how can i use them for developing my psychic abilities?

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I think using them in meditation or during the trance practice, just grabbing them or putting them in pocket, some will put them under pillow and sleep with them for getting the energy from them in the night / sleep.

Good look and be safe