Evocation of Martal - Kingdom of Flames evocation report


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Evocation of Martal

This report deals with the evocation of Martal, Grand Demon of the First Kingdom of Flames, an entity found in E.A. Koettings grimoire “Kingdom of Flames”. As part of my project to work my way through each kingdom and its entities. I have started by evoking Martal as he is the “Ranked” entity from the first kingdom and it is suggested that he would be the first entity encountered. I’m going to say now that I was totally on form during this ritual and was channeling massive energy. 

I’m hoping to be fairly descriptive in this post, giving over as much detail as possible so that other wyrd workers can learn as well as allowing me to review my process and make improvements for next time. How ever as with any visionary experience, some things just don’t translate, the words don’t exist and when they do they don’t really have meaning unless you have actually experienced it. I welcome feedback and questions but I invite you to save your hate.

II set up my ritual space in the garage, unfortunately I don’t have a dedicated space for evocation but the garage is large enough to really set up everything properly. My set up uses the prescribed circle and triangle from the book drawn in chalk on the concrete floor, in the centre of the triangle I had an incense burner set up. The space was only lit using candle, small tea lights, evenly spaced around the circle to give me enough light to work the ritual with out lighting things up too much. Inside the circle I had my personal grimoire, a note book, my sketchbook, my athame, a jar of evocation resins and spare candles.

Evocation resins is a combination of 50-50 copal and frankincense finely ground. I find this to be an excellent combination between the high smoke yield of copal and the psychoactive properties of frank as well as creating a beautiful and extremely sacred scent.

Once I was satisfied with my setup I began the ritual itself. I started by performing the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram followed by the middle pillar ritual. Both of these rituals I have been performing since I started out with the occult several years ago, a theme that seems to be common, and I continue to find them useful. These performances were by far the most powerful I have performed. I experienced intense visions as I invoked each arch-angel and during the circulation of energy I totally blissed out, it took incredible resolve to draw my self back to actually perform the ritual. I felt that I could have happily spent entirety just floating in these different spectrums of energy.

It took a while to compose myself, I was giddy and high, but I managed to draw my focus back to my task. I incanted the banishing and purification ritual listed in the grimoire, immediately I felt a change in the atmosphere and energy. When I first approached this system I didn’t think it to be particularly dark, having its share of angels, but after performing this ritual it leaves little doubt as to its nature. The tone is dark and invokes images of the depth of the ancient earth. With this my first wave of nerves washed over me.

At this point I had a realisation. Deep with in my psyche was a subtle layer of doubt, so filament fine I was for the most part unconscious of it. I doubted that I would ever have great success with evocation, even though I had often felt a “presence” previously I had never had a full manifestation. But this night I knew I would it was going to happen, there was that weight in the flow of time, I get it when ever I’m going to have a spiritual realisation or in the days before an acid trip (in fact I won’t take acid now if I haven’t experienced this feeling because I know that it won’t be one of those “special” trips). And then the real fear started, I had identified this doubt and knew I was about to prove it wrong, I was about to blow my own mind and I knew it was going to happen. For some reason the imminence of my enlightenment was terrifying.

But my gears were in motion, I stepped straight into opening Martal’s sigil as it opened he was already there even before I had performed the calling. His words drove me on, word of encouragement delivered in the style of perhaps a personal fitness trainer. I can’t remember all that he said at this point but one thing stand out in my memory as I turned back that fear ” this it it, this is how you win”.

I intoned the calling and the full force of his pressence was upon me with physical manifestation, an older man with a long white beard, dressed in a hood and styled top with exposed toned arms. One feature stuck out more than any other, the piercing orange eyes burning out of the gloom. But I lost intrest in the physical manifestation as my astral senses were blown open. On the astral Martal had layer his physical appearance with intense distortions of reality fazing along a grey scale. Nothing really compares to how this actually appears but to attempt to describe it, imagine bringing a large pot of water to a rolling boil. Now slow down the waters movement 10 fold, and view just that top layer of water with out the seething bubble below it. And again burning out of this astral chaos were the eyes, huge and imposing.

I have attempted to draw my impression but my skills don’t do it justice.

We conversed for some time, most of the talking being done by me, but when Martal did speak his words carried layers of knowledge and experience, that intangible kind of knowledge where you know you have learnt something but you can’t quiet put your finger of what it is.

I had eternities just dwelling in the energy and received instruction on the enchantment of jewellery and the creation of a totem, although I haven’t worked out whats its purpose would be yet.

As the conversation started to draw to a close I had an intense vision. My eyes slammed shut as if against my will and a sigil carved itself into my mind and I was given the impression that this sigil was personalised and I could use it to summon Martal in the future with greater efficacy than the sigil based off the magic square.

I gave Martal the licence to depart and immediately noticed a relieving of pressure as he departed. I closed with the banishing and purification again.

In review of the ritual I’m totally stocked but I have recognised some improvements to be made. Some of the orientations weren’t right and I want the light to be a bit dimmer. In comparison with the description for Martal given in Kingdom of Flames there is pretty good synchronicity.

Feel free to give feedback and comments


I really enjoyed reading your experience with Martal. Amazing stuff. This is a success story and is encouraging for people like myself who are seriously getting prepped for implementing future physical evocations. Thankyou for sharing, Soundwave.


Great stuff.

That feeling of knowledge is key, in everything. If it’s not there, the manifestation doesn’t happen. If it’s not there, the result of the working will be lacklustre. The first time I had a physical manifestation out of incense smoke, while I was opening the sigil the thought came into my head “Oh god, this acnient, powerful demon is going to appear before me in a while. What the hell am I thinking?” You know that feeling you have after an evocation when you wake up the next day and step outside and you can literally feel that something has changed in the world? And then, hey presto! Like when you turn a corner in some arbitrary place and you suddenly know you’re going to see this person you’ve been wanting to see. That’s the problem with wanting. Wanting is not knowing.


If this encourages people to get results I’m glad.

I totally agree on the feeling of knowledge, I’ve done a lot of study over the years and thought I had a pretty good grasp on many esoteric and occult concepts but it wasn’t until I actual had one of those moments of initiation or enlightenment and I’ve actually felt it, to really know and understand that knowledge on a deep level, that it actually clicked and I was like oh shit. The most interesting thing is every time I re-encounter one of these “truths” I get a whole new level and interpretation to build onto it.


Well, the ‘theta-gamma’ state clearly isn’t called ‘gnosis’ (=knowledge) for no reason. When it really ‘clicked’ for me, so to speak, was when I was considering my lucid dream experiences. There were times when I’d want something to appear and it just wouldn’t. The harder I’d will it, the less likely its appearance would become. But if I just let go and knew that it was coming, then it would. It would be something like “I’m going to look down at my hand now, and its going to be holding a ritual dagger.” or “I’m going to open this door and the spirit I’ve called is going to be standing in the room behind it.” When I heard EA speaking about how we can change anything in these other planes, I had a realisation of how magic works, and how the gnostic state can literally be used to alter reality.


I’m curious what you mean when you intoned the calling? Is the calling different for each entity you evoke? Can you say if you did the calling for 5 minutes or 15 minutes or more?

I sure could use some help! Thanks,


[quote=“Veronika, post:6, topic:464”]I’m curious what you mean when you intoned the calling? Is the calling different for each entity you evoke? Can you say if you did the calling for 5 minutes or 15 minutes or more?

I sure could use some help! Thanks,[/quote]

By intoned I just mean the way I read it, I like to do things with a bit of flair. I write my own callings for each working, they aren’t overly fancy, probably go on for about minute? I imagine as I work with anyone spirit more and more the calling would become more tailored and specific.
While opening the sigil you can use the spirits name as a mantra, but with the energy I was channeling in this particular working I didn’t need to run the mantra for very long.

The real trick is just to do workings and see what works, take lots of notes, then refine it.
Best of luck!