Evocation of malphas, deceiving the conjurer?

In the Goetia for Malphas’ description it says “Malphas accepts willingly and kindly any sacrifice offered to him, but then he will allegedly deceive the conjurer.” If you give him an offering he will decieve you? Is this true and if so why?


I wish I knew. I have thought about it too.

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“Deception” is a common theme in the Goetia, and if you read the description about the offerings to him more thoroughly, what do you think it means?

The word “allegedly” is not substantional, either, which means it’s not proven that Malphas would deceive the magician because he was gifted an offering according to what the magician believes are of value.

This could also mean that Malphas doesn’t want any physical gifts at all, hence it could be a hidden trap because the magician couldn’t crack the code.