Evocation of lucifer

So guys i just completed my evocation of lucifer i think i did sort of good still having trouble telling my thoughts from spirits but here it goes. :wink: … umm as i started i meditated got into a calm state of mind and gazed at his sigil until i got a clear enough visual in my mind. after that i sent energy into the sigil after which ( in my minds eye shifted from a glowing red to a black light coming from it.) after that i began reciting a mixture of incantations from what i was given ( by you all on the other thread). and as i recited his enn i felt tingles everytime i said a word after saying that i then kept repeating the Lucifer,Lucifer chant and when he started coming a bright light was being projected in my inner eye ( i mean a really bright light) after that greeted him and i gave him my desire which in a short summary is for me when i ascend to become an emperor among demons and have enormous wealth in this world along with an abundance of sex,love and happiness. after our dialogue went something like this ( i cant remember alot but ill just write what i remember). Lucifer will you help me gain all that i desire ? WHAT COMES AFTER YOU HAVE GAINED ALL YOU DESIRE? ( i cant remember what i said so on to the next) what do you mean my life will be warped? IT WILL BE CHANGED IN EVERY ASPECT OF THE WORD! and i cant remember what i said again ( what a sad day ) but he ended by saying this FORSAKE ALL OTHERS AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE WAYS EVOKE ME AGAIN I WILL OPEN YOUR SPIRITUAL SIGHT I PROMISE! and that was it what do you guys think i still have some doubts but how did i do?:).

Great! Good job on evoking Lucifer, may your desire be accomplished.

You did an evocation - long-term, the precise accuracy of what you were told will either prove itself via concrete results, or not, since results are the only way to truly judge if you’re hooking up with a powerful external consciousness.

For now, take it seriously, exercise your own judgement of course but this seems like legit advice to me, nothing told you that you’re actually the one and only Jesus Mk. II (which would set off alarm bells!) or anything pathological, so it seems like you made contact.

I like this: “WHAT COMES AFTER YOU HAVE GAINED ALL YOU DESIRE?” - not that I’m an expert on every spirit ever, but this seems the kind of “Think carefully” question spirits put to you when you ask something like that, so that feels 100% genuine to me.

thankyou brother :slight_smile:

Thanks malady :slight_smile: but i have question how do i eliminate doubt? how do eliiminte it permenently? its so hard trying to annoy the nagging thought at the back of my head constantly putting me down its annoying.

My honest opinion? Don’t worry about it, adult life requires us to live will all kinds of uncertainties, the one thing that will help most is a comprehensive and honest magickal journal, one you review every now and then to refresh your memory, and note what worked, and what didn’t.

Blind faith in spirits is the territory of religion, but you must have read and heard other magicians by now saying “The spirit really is there” and that’s based on our experience - sooner than you think, you’ll have your own, and you won’t need to have DONE anything about your doubts, they’ll have passed - just like childhood, or last winter. :slight_smile:

Hmm an interesting take but i understand trust my instincts and keep trying ;). also hows your experience with lucifer went? .