Evocation of Lucifer

I am just gatheting information and preparing for my first evocation with Lucifer. So far I have a summoning chant and I received some information off J. D. Temple and Orlee Stewart in their live chat advising me to make offerings days prior to the evocation. My main question is how did you perform this evocation; was it simplified or did you go all out and perform full ceremonal evocation for your first time? I would love to hear your experiences and any sound advice you could share. This would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance :metal:

P.S. I got the summoning chant by using the search tool but not found any ritual as such.


What sort of offerings are you gonna offer? How many days prior?

I’m just curious.

It’s so good to hear!
I recently evoked Lucifer for the first time and this was my experience. I wish you luck.! :sparkles:

Now For my first evocation I Quite did a preparation.

1.) I took a ritual cleansing bath including

  • Moonwater
  • Incense
  • candles
  • and salt water.

2.) put on my Black robe.

3.) I also consecrated my Temple again before evoking him to cleanse the space for the Mighty king.

4.) put the sigil toward south, light the candles choose any color which you associate with him in terms of candles, I usually use white candle.

5.) Activate the sigil
And fall into trance reciting his enn until I feel his presence

6.) for offerings I presented charged olive oil
But he said he likes coffee more.

I wish you luck and please share your experience with us :sparkles::heart:


Starbucks mocha frappe , more ! :yum: :laughing:

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Dragon drink :grin:

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Ok you win! Dragon drink :dragon:

It’s the best!

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What is dragon drink? I’ve never heard of it :thinking:


Oh it’s a wonderful drink Starbucks makes with I think coconut water and dragon fruit and ice


Ah. Thanks, princess :kissing_heart:


Your welcome :kissing_heart:


I will offer things that he likes: larger crystals that he likes, his favourite colours and incense, his favourite fruit and rum and many other things he likes. I will probably spend a week making offerings to him. I want to time it so I will be celebrating my 100th day of performing "Commander-in-Chief daily power ritaul. Improving 1% each day since I started thus I would of improved 100% from day 1. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this milestone otjer than evoking Lucifer to help me celebrate afterall he has played a part in my development :metal:

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That will be awesome!

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I thought Lucifer is associated with the East as that is where my altar to him is located

If it’s your first evocation you may as well go all-out, no reason not to.

When you give an offering to a demon, I believe it is best to share an experience with the demon. So rather than just placing a beverage or some food on the altar, you consume it in the demon’s presence and allow it to share in the experience, enjoying the consumption through you.

And Lucifer is associated with the element Air, which for me is associated with south (fire is in the east). This isn’t a big deal, and if you associate air with the east, then that will work. You can perform the ritual in any direction really, it’s not a big deal.

You may also find it helpful to spend some time right before the ritual settling away from mundane reality. Writing in my journal is usually enough for this, but you can also go for a walk or bathe or simply sit with yourself in silence, knowing what is to come.

Best of luck

You are absolutely right! His cardinal direction is East and since I haven’t dedicated an altar specifically for Lucifer So my Default altar usually faces south because EA has mentioned in his books that the south is a good default direction for the demonic entities. I think directions really doesn’t matter that much because although my Altar faces south Lucifer appeared to me in South-West.
Anyways, cardinal direction are still important to get a deeper connection with the spirit. :sparkles:

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I hope Lucifer likes it when I present that as a offering and if he does I will surely give credits to you :wink:

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Oh Lucifer will love it! :heart:

And thanks!

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I think there are a lot of threads with Lucifer experiences. You could search the forum and see what you can find. And of course, there are also some amazing threads with info on Lucifer.