Evocation of Lucifer Tonight-kind of scared

He’s amazing. There’s nothing to fear, treat him with love and respect and he’ll offer the same in return. He’s very calm and knowledgeable. If you have children or loved ones you care for with you, he’ll protect them too.

The only thing to fear, is you
(That last part was him)


Haha, yes, follow your own advise. That one struck me, when you posted this ;-).


Oh and one thing, it can be overwhelming in different senses. So I would advise to write your desires down. I use a digital book of shadows/journal with a date and a time. I give permission for help and a thank you. Mostly with a drawing of the Sigil to put in more intend. But you know your magick :wink:

I’m not good at drawing lol! I cheat with sigils i download online :joy::joy::joy:

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Me too. But luckily his Sigil is one I can draw. And it’s all about intend, so not a must.

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I already have his sigil drawn. It’s sitting on the little table I use as an altar. I prepared everything last night before I chickened out so all I need to do is set up my Universal Circle and actually call him.

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It’s so true about his healing abilities and that he will show you what you have to do to fix it before he can do anything… And he’s so cool about it.

I have a bulging disc in my lower back and it’s caused Piriformis Syndrome and is causing damage to my sciatic nerve. The nerve pain on my left side of my lower back, ass and leg have become almost to much to bear some days.

I went to my Lord Lucifer and asked for a healing.
After meditating on this issue for awhile I finally heard him and he was laughing. He was highly amused with me. He pointed out the fact that since I’ve been out of work I’ve gained weight and that was the root cause of my issues.

He said to me "you have a pain in your ass? Well no wonder, look at that back seat " :joy:

He suggested that I work with him for weight loss and finding exercise that will help without killing me. LoL.

That was a 6 days ago and I’m down almost 10lbs. He’s given me self control and really helps me resist temptation. He’s helped lift my self esteem and confidence in myself and my Magick.

Once you get past your fears you will have a very loyal friend and Lord to watch out for you.


I figured he saw that in me and told me to get ahold of King Belial who out of the blue told me to take my medication. It’s crazy now I feel like if I want something from him, I have to show my accountability. Like actually show I can listen and take advice. I’m usually hard headed sometimes lol!

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So, I finally completed my evocation of Lucifer. It only took me a week from when I said I would. :blush:

I just finished so I’m a bit dizzy as I write this.

I didn’t do anything fancy. Did my usual progressive relaxation, and countdown to get into trance. I briefly followed my breath to lull my mind because it was quite jumpy.

What was interesting, when I closed my eyes I saw a figure standing before me in my inner vision. I didn’t see any detail, just a silhouette, but I hadn’t even started the evocation yet. I lit my candles, and spoke the exorcism incantation from KoF three times to clear my room/temple of any and all energies.

I followed the exorcism with EA’s Conjuration of All Magical Powers, and when I was swooning with energy, I used @C.Kendall 's conjurations of Lucifer’s Light and Darkness.

I was pretty light headed by this point but I gazed at Lucifer’s sigil held in my left hand, and traced it with my right index finger, imbuing it with the power within.

'I call thee, Lucifer, the Lightbringer, Lucifer the Morningstar. I call thee here, to this temple, to appear before me in recognizable form, and to speak clearly in a voice I can understand. i call thee, Lucifer, come!

I started chanting Lucifer’s enn as I gazed at the sigil. It seemed to glow with the power I had imbued it with, but remained flat on the paper. I continued chanting and the sigil slowly began to wake up, the lines beginning to disappear and reappear glowing with light.

I heard a voice say, “I am here. Speak your will,” from directly in front of me (I had set up my chair and table facing East as traditional for Lucifer)

I welcomed Lucifer to my temple and then said:

“Lucifer, I was told that your presence is around me for the expressed purpose of burning away all weakness. Is this true?”

L: It is so.

DK: Then I ask this of you, Lucifer. Burn away all weakness within me, that my Ascent shall quicken, and my power shall grow."

In my mind’s eye, I saw the figure I had seen previously move forward and touch my Ajna chakra. I was hit by a sudden wave of dizziness and almost fell out of my chair.

L: It is done. Call me again in three days time.

i had to rest a bit, hanging my head back and breathing deeply, until the dizziness subsided.

Though I had seen Lucifer depart, I gave thanks, and a dismissal to close out the ritual. I wrote in my journal, counted up out of trance, and extinguished my candles. And almost fell over again when I stood up from my chair.

Even now I’m still lightheaded. i think it is time to sleep, and let whatever Lucifer did take hold. Just thought I’d write this down first.


Thank you @DarkestKnight for describing the steps of the ritual. I always use this to evaluate my steps and get better. Learned a lot :slight_smile:


Great job that you finally did it. :smiley::+1:

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Good job dude!!!

That’s awesome. :wink: I might steal a few things on here. :blush:


Congrats on finally getting it done. Good job.

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Just performed the second evocation of Lucifer, though later than he had instructed.

It was the same set up as before, except that I performed it during the day, in the Hour of the Sun.

I used the usual relaxation and countdown, but also performed the first 3 exercises of the OAA First Flame, to deepen my trance. There were many distractions coming from outside and my roommates, and part of the reason for doing the ritual in the afternoon was to work on my ability to focus, no matter what was going on around me.

I only chanted the “Itz rachu…” mantra this time, before opening the sigil and chanting the enn. I got the impression that Lucifer was already present but was just waiting for me to get myself to where we could interact.

After i greeted him, I apologized for not calling him last night. i told him I have been having sudden bouts of nausea and they have catered to my innate laziness. He told me the nausea was being caused by his Light burning within me and would continue for a while longer as it burns away any weakness and obstructions.

He asked me if I wanted to work with Azazel and I confirmed that I do want to start work with him, and he said, “Good. He has much to teach you.”

With that, he told me to call him in a month, and then left. i thanked him, gave the dismal, counted up from trance, and wrote in my journal. I’m still a bit dizzy from the ritual.


Nice to get a follow up. Good that you tried during day to work on concentration.


Thanks, brother.

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Wonderful post. I have the honour of calling the infernal majesty my Father. In the few years of working with Lucifer, he ruthlessly burnt away all things and people useless and harmful to me and left my life in tatters but I know it was a blessing as it was all false. His energy is powerful and makes me feel fierce during evocation. He has done so much good for me,but not in a light handed way.

I am glad that you had the courage to communicate with him. He is very patient but ruthless at times and has a dry sense of humour which I experienced when I accidentally set my altar on fire whilst I had evoked him.

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