Evocation of lucifer questions

I live in a very Christian house. I know lucifer isn’t what the Bible says but will this cause any problems? I want to evoke him to help me stop being lazy


no isn’t an issue for the spirit. just find a quiet room where you won’t get bothered and you should be fine. :slight_smile:

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Nope it will not make any difference. If you mean, are you putting anybody in danger, keep in mind that any practitioner of magick - weather it be black, white , green, grey or fluff- is basically turning on a light switch in the spiritual world. Not to disrespect anyone but I’ll use the example of alot of wiccans that think they practice love and light and nothing bad can happen. Wrong. Any spirit worker is like a bug light that attracts it all.
That said, cleanse and protect and you will be fine.