Evocation of Lucifer: My Experience and the gaining of a skill

After four years of trying to hear spirits when I evoke them, I have finally achieved this skill. Through Lucifer, I now know how to hear them. I’ve always been able to sense them through resonances, and by the temperature in the room, but I HEARD Lucifer. I had a complete conversation with Lucifer, and I feel so happy, so empowered. It was terrifying, but I pushed forward. It was like jumping off a cliff and then realizing that you can fly. The communication was incredible, the power I felt was unlike anything else.

The first thing I ever heard from him was “Do not imitate me with your mind’s ear, for I am here”

Amazing stuff, just had to share.

Also, for some reason at the end of the ritual, right before I gave him license to exit my temple, he seemed to shift forms into Belial, before laughing, and fading out.

Anyone have any idea what means??


Congrats! Continue to practice, for practive makes perfect after all!

My advice is to try listen to spirits through your thoughts, since they try to talk to you through them. But with practice, you’ll also understand how the energies of every spirit works and what they give you when you feel them. For example, Lucifer’s energy is really intense!

As for the meaning of what happened in the end, nothing comes to mind at the moment.

I get messages more outside of ritual than in it. Pay attention to your thoughts in day to day life. Also synchronize is huge w messages for me. I can physically hear their voices when I’m in deep trance , new skill…but its spotty.

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gosh, I’m trying to hear spirits too… I can only hear them when sleeping but never in ritual. will try Belial gateway med… How did Lucifer help you?

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- YouTube 8:50-9:18 He mentions the fact that there it exists a connection between Lucifer and Belial. An interesting fact would be that a looong time ago I “scanned” @KingOfHearts616 and his energy seemed to be a mix between Lucifer and Belial’s energy, later it got confirmed that he’s working with both of them.

Lucifer can help you in pretty much anything you ask of him. But he also cares more than the typical borders of the “job” and he comes sometimes to see just how you’re doing, just like King Paimon sometimes.

So, that alone can improve your astral senses if as mentioned above, you 're careful to listen.

Btw, last night I did the exercise with the bell thing from sumooning spirits by konstantinos and I started to feel some sort of buzzing and then after I went to sleep and as I was falling asleep I heard something. (I don’t know what it was)