Evocation of Lucifer - Live Ritual


Evocation Of Lucifer - Live Ritual

last time i saw a live ritual,something came to visit me and it frightened me.
i wasn’t expecting this to happen but it did…i’ll stay away this time.

last time i saw a live ritual,something came to visit me and it frightened me.
i wasn’t expecting this to happen but it did…i’ll stay away this time.

Dron, there are 9 demonic Kings plus Lucifer plus Archealus, EA’s work mode, all present in this video (at the very least) so if you’re not into watching evocations of entities then you’re wise to give this one a miss! It’s like the demonic All Stars or something.

There’s a really good bit at the end it would be a shame for anyone to miss out on though, and I’ve transcibed it at the end of this post for you.

Now, to the video: that was a bit interesting. Like the Atlantic’s a bit wet.

Stuff: firstly, I’d already seen the image of the ritual (by which I mean the surroundings, the altar - though the cloth was blue, a rich almost-teal blue - and the white markings on the ground), in a dream I had sometime early last year.

I didn’t keep a very tight dream diary back then but when I clicked play on this, the opening scenes were so familiar I thought the link must have got mixed up because I’d already seen this, then a fraction of a second later the penny dropped, of how I’d really seen this before.

But I know for sure that the dream was from before I found this site or heard of EA, probably some time between January and March.

In that dream, a silvery white horse, not like a common old plodder but like the more shining and fantastical horses from mythology and illustration, was cantering across the background, and from its back extended wings that looked more like the sails on a classic clipper ship than anything found on a bird. There was something structural and elegant about them.

I don’t remember seeing anyone riding the horse and it clearly wasn’t a subservient domesticated animal, harnessed up to carry humans around and do their bidding, it was like a kingly beast in its own right with no reference to humanity.

Secondly, I used my new vision thing that looks “behind” this level of reality and saw a bunch of stuff. I’m going to share what seems relevant to the ritual, some of it was probably personal to EA and perhaps to the people the ritual was worked for, so I’m erring on the side of caution and discretion there.

In this order: behind each of the demonic King’s skulls at the beginning, I saw an exact representation of how they look to me in their realms, for example Balam looked like the description in this post, Purson had his purple skies and domed palace, Paimonia looked like the cubic chamber with a black rear wall covered in shifting glyphs, and in front of it, the form of a jet black male figure with a beautiful face that shines.

Behind EA at around 27:40, I saw a large point of light that was the exact same peculiar almost-grey/blue I saw with my physical eyes during the conception of my demonic Child and whilst gestating him.

It’s hard to describe, and the bright star of light had an effect almost like the lens flare SFX that was all over the new Star Trek movie, by which I mean it seemed three-dimensional and not like looking at a star in the distance, with its emanations reduced to a flat point by the distance from the observer.

It’s possible the silvery colour of the horse was like this particular light, but I can’t be completely certain.

Next, I looked behind each of the three tables with sigils on at around 30:33, and what was there was so VAST, it kind of hurt my mind, so I looked away from that and went and did something else for a few minutes. It was like looking into the infinity of space with total comprehension that there is NO end to it, and it hurts even to recall it for typing this, so I’ll move on!

At 36:48, I looked behind the enire area on screen. because I couldn’t locate Lucifer to a specific location, he seemed more like a presence. I’ve never worked with him or even tried to, so I wasn’t sure what would be there. What I saw was just an endless sea of light, yet again very slightly grey-blue but glaringly bright, and I wasn’t able to make out any details, but it was amazingly beautiful.

Finally, 38:58 when EA’s channelling Lucifer’s words, I saw a head that looked like the most traditional angular and “devilish” image you could imagine - a quick hunt online turned up this, and it’s fairly close in shape, but the head was a gunmetal kind of colour.

The eyes were a liquid living black, with a point of light in each one, reflected and not lit from inside, and the light was the blue-grey bright one I already described. I wonder whether this is the “interface” between Lucifer and EA, to allow him to hear his voice? Just a theory - I don’t for some reason think it was the “actual” form of Lucifer or anything like that, it felt like a form taken for a purpose.

So, that was what I saw - I would normally just have made brief notes for my own reference but a few people have asked me, both onlist and off, what I see with this vision so I thought this might be a useful thing to share.

The things I see don’t always make sense, especially when I look behind everyday objects or ordinary people (they always have fantastically weird shit, there being no such thing really as an ordinary person) but these were all highly relevant, so I’m taking the advice transcribed below (just call me Satan’s stenographer :slight_smile: ) and trusting myself enough to post them in case anyone finds them interesting.


Transcribed for anyone who can’t watch this, is some advice for the people who were involved in this that I think is good advice for everyone - it’s towards the end, starting around 44:20:

I never once said, that attaining all power is easy.

But it is doable, if you do the work.

Repeat this (a prayer to acquire the name of the servitor Lucifer gave the people this ritual was done for) morning, when the sun is rising, in the evening when the sun is setting, letting the rays of Lucifer’s light wash over you.

Do this until you receive the name; the key will be in the silence, and in the trust - if you cannot trust yourself, no demon will ever trust you enough to work with you, to speak to you, and to give you their secret knowledge. Trust yourself.

I liked that!

Why would you evoke 6 of those kings without also evoking Oriens, Amaymon and Egyn, let alone evoke the other 8 on equal footing with Paymon? It makes no sense at all.

I thought at first that this was a Diablo 3 video, since the picture of the angel looks like from it.

Actually i’m pretty sure its taken from it.

Also, anyone know how you can edit video/pic like that only 1 thing in it has colour - i have always wondered. (Yeah i’m quite noob at editing)

@lady eva

thanks for this…excelent post.just WOW.

Mind equals blown…

Watch this in TGS, and sit
in the universal circle if you
can. Repeat all the words.

I think i achieved something.

Who is Archelaus?

So… this is supposed to be an evocation of Lúcifer.


Lol Divinator

[quote=“Divinator, post:9, topic:3631”]So… this is supposed to be an evocation of Lúcifer.


well, your all talk Bro. I’ll be completely honest.

So i talked with Divinator a while back
he said everything here was nothing, but
a lie. That he knew how
to actually manifest spirits the “Real way”

claiming EA did NOT know the foundations
of Actual evocation and magic.

Everytime i asked if he could explain to me
anything, he simply said
his services were expensive because they need
animal sacrifice.

He also told me Godhood Theory
and all of it was BS.

And apparently he’s buddies with
"Baron and Azazel"

im not biased towards either side, I’m just
trying to learn, but this guy just says everything is
BS when he sees that it works anyways.

So why don’t you tell us Divinator
how you would Evoke Lucifer then?

Magic is all very simple, the problem is that people complicate it all way to much…probably so they can feel special.

The Key is daily work like meditation and energy work. Build up your senses, then talk to spirts yourself. After that, all this infighting is…at best, mildly amusing.

It’s EA’s magickal name.

[quote=“Gnosis, post:1, topic:3631”]WOW

Evocation Of Lucifer - Live Ritual[/quote]

Am I the only one who thinks Erik looks HOT in this evocation? LOL :wink:

Cool stuff this, could sense Lucifer’s presence building strongly as E.A. extended his arm towards that black stuff right in front of him.

Its funny because What he said about Paimon never leaving his side. Because I felt that way when I evoked Paimon until I opened Belials sigil. I’d always feel him around me. Like he was watching over me. I was going through some bull shit and I heard him say I;m with you. Is Paimon known for that ?

I wish you could evoke Orishas like that but I had a dream and the spirit told me it was disrespectful. They like to talk the way that they do. Not through evocation. Something about Hermes or something that he outlawed it.

I don’t know but I had another demonic King say that to me, I’d rather not share because it’s personal but it appears he was always only a heartbeat away, waiting for me to reach this point.

I have to hire a spiritualist soon for a misa to find out what spirits walk with me. I wonder if theyre going to see the demons around me. She’ll be like wait What the fuck??? But when I got my reading in Ifa they said I have an army of behind me ready to fight when I tell them. Maybe they saw These demons

Very true but how else are they supposed to feel special or elite if they dont make it far more difficult and confusing?

The Key is daily work like meditation and energy work. Build up your senses, then talk to spirts yourself. After that, all this infighting is....at best, mildly amusing.

The most amusing thing about it is if half these people that are fighting were doing the work they’d realize that there is nothing to fight about.