Evocation of Lord Satan for the first time and need to enlighten

Last night I tried to get up the courage to evoke Lord Satan (the face of Lucifer) with the offering of a glass of water and 3 blue candles, I don’t feel too much, except feeling calm even I had time to smile and hearing a lizard in my house make a sound.

My question is, can anyone tell me if Lord Satan came last night, did He accept my offering and petition? did I offend him or anything?

Please enlighten me, because this is important to me.

I apologize for my broken English, thank you.

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Hi, Do you use any type of divination such as tarots, dowsing,clairvoyance,clairaudience /telepathy to comminicate with spirits/demons? It’s hard for others to be able to answer whether its been accepted or not. Next time you can maybe ask him for a sign that its been accepted if you don’t use divination


I have a pendulum, but I’m not great with divination, do you think it’s worth a try?

try it , if you can’t go into a trance you can quiet your mind by vibrating the “OM” mantra in your mind .

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How do you feel? @CreepWeirdo normally you should feel totally empowered like able to crush anything and anyone. I have still never heard of anyone complaining about working with Satan but as liberating and empowering. Ask your tarot cards or the runes

I go into trance easily, but i went into a trance which was a bit tough, my head shook violently when i went into a trance, it’s that normal?

I need to learn to use divination because sometimes I worry that what moves it is not what I want, I’m not the timid type, but I suffer from a weak heart, I get shocked easily, therefore asking for signs doesn’t seem like for me.

I can understand but if you don’t expect anything or worry about the result And ask a question with a clear mind, YOu will do pretty good at divination…

That’s why I stopped using the pendulum, because I found it lying.

From now on i’ll practice more about divination, because I have a bad sense of any sign.

Thats the only reason I never used divination. Maybe tarot is trustable but pendulum isn’t really the one.

Pendulum answers from your subconcious Not really the spirit. I am not saying you can’t channel from spirit But its hard to tell the difference

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