Evocation Of Kret

So I posted a thread yesterday and I got a great replied in reference to which spirits might be fit in accordance to my own intent so it was Kret which is a spirit from the book Kingdom’s Of Flame I tried using the search feature so maybe I could dig into several results concerning the experience and the evocation process

But assuming that I wasn’t dependant enough in ceremonial stuff anyway I read the kingdoms of flame but I wanna integrate this spirit into a much more simplified way to call upon this demon so anybody here got a basic evocation keys or methods to call upon this spirit more easier without utilizing various tools?

You just need his Seal to call upon him, like any other spirit. It’s also helpful to open the Square to the Kingdom where he resides, but ultimately, the seal is all you need.


Open the seals where he resides means likewise what had been written in the kingdoms of flame is there any ceremonial involve here by means opening?

No, basic evocation is simply opening a seal and calling out to the spirit. That’s all you need to do.

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How does alashtad alashtu ashtu chant may imply to this is it best to integrate this during the evocation but how?

It doesn’t apply. That chant is from the Book of Azazel, not Kingdoms of Flame. They’re different grimoires.

You can use it as an aid to trance if you want, but it is not necessary.

Another thing I might wanna ask since I’m about to perform now does opening the square where he resides means I would gaze upon. That and nothing else way more elaborated must be perform to open the square?

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Is this what the square?

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Yes, you open it just like you do a spirit seal.