Evocation of King Paimon

I did a evocation of the mighty King Paimon. He led me up a mountain to a very flat plane which was beautiful. When I felt his heavy presence like a vortex of energy within and outside of me I closed my eyes and recited his enn. I opened my eyes 5-10 minutes later and I was surrounded by swarms of beautiful butterflies. I said out loud “the King has arrived”. Has anyone experienced this with King Paimon?


With butterflies no.
He once took me to the demonic astral plane and honestly it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. The sky was fading between dark and light purple, the ground was brown/bronze made of mountain stone and then I saw water, it was invisble and I could see whatever it was under it from what I remember. It was a long time ago but I remember being at peace, it was like " go inside this realm and get healed. " King Paimon himself was incredibly beautiful.


I was in the Valley of glowing stones that King Paimon showed me. And this is description of this valley: «Deserted, rocky terrain. The sky is purple-violet, which makes the area even more mystical and intriguing. But the main attraction is the glowing stones. They lay alongside the simple ones, sparkling and shimmering in different colors».


I am not sure if I called an imposter if you have seen my recent post.

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In any case, this spirit (let me continue to call him King Paimon) helped me to understand my past life, develops me in a creative way and it is just pleasant to communicate with him :slightly_smiling_face: (however, I did not take into account his help in my professional career).

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The butterfly portion you mentioned confirms some UPG I had concerning a pathworking. Great stuff!

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I had a few experiences that involved butterflies, have been to His realm, and I can also confirm what ExTra said about Him being incredibly beautiful. The butterflies were shown/ given to me by King Paimon for a reason. He doesn’t do anything arbitrarily, everything seems to have a deeper meaning.


That’s so awesome. I am about to evoke Yeesch for protection against imposters and then King Paimon and then Duke Bune. Wish me luck! :slight_smile: